Norway Sentences 1,052 Whales to Death

On November 31st, the Norwegian government passed a death sentence of 1,052 whales for 2007.

This is the same quota as 2006 despite the fact that the Norwegian whalers could only find and kill 500 whales this year.

Fisheries Minister Dag Terge ("The Butcher") Anderson also authorized the whalers to kill all the whales along the Norwegian coast so the whalers need not travel far to hunt down their victims. The Butcher believes this will make it easier for the quota to be reached.

This year's quota was the largest since Norway began illegal commercial whaling in 1986 in clear violation of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) moratorium on commercial whaling worldwide.

The Norwegians have set an illegal quota of 172 for Jan Mayen for any whale killer that does make it to that area. No whales were killed off Jan Mayen in 2006 and with luck no whales will be killed there in 2007.

The rest of the waters along the Norwegian coast will run red with the hot blood of the whales, however. Whalers didn't help their own case for support when this year, near the Lofoten Islands, they harpooned whales while shocked tourists looked on from whale watching boats.

Norway is the most blatant commercial whaling nation in the world. The Japanese whalers pretend their whale killing is "scientific research." The Norwegians are more "honest" killers and openly boast about their contempt for international conservation law.