How does scientific fact seen through the lens of policy become a weakened form of protection that actually prevents species recovery? Internationally recognized scientific research has been mitigated by New Zealand’s visions of financial security through false claims of a clean, green economy that protects fishing and promotes mining in marine mammal protected areas. The experiment is a Darwinist example of the survival of the fittest, not as nature intended but as a manipulative species unable to balance reason over hubris.

However reason can prevail, with passion and perseverance. There are options to actualize effective protection for the Maui’s and Hector’s Dolphin through the Threat Management Plan due for consultation later this year and New Zealand will need your support during the submission phase (yet to be announced). Of course, the choices are not always in the hands of bureaucracy - you can make choices too!

If you’re interested in the protection of these rare dolphins please contact New Zealand’s Prime Minister to register your concerns (

Or the Minister of Conservation (

Or the Minister of Primary Industry (

Another way to become involved- don’t eat the targeted New Zealand fish caught from set-nets and trawling boats in the habitat range of the Maui’s and Hector’s Dolphin (rig, lemonfish, elephantfish, school shark,butterfish, flounder, sole, grey mullet, yellow eyed mullet, monk fish, red cod, guarnard, stargazer).