Madame Baby Seal Killer Wants to Rule Canada

Canadian Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette wants to be Prime Minister of Canada and she is ready to swim through a sea of seal blood to get there.

Her only real claim to fame is her support of the annual slaughter of 325,000 baby seals on Canada's Eastern coast.

She is now bragging how she "squared off recently against Brigitte Bardot to defend the sealers."

The truth of the matter is that she did not even meet Brigitte Bardot when the French actress visited Ottawa in March along with actress Persia White and Captain Paul Watson. The French animal rights leader dismissed Hervieux-Payette as a "stupid woman."

Hervieux-Payette refused to attend the Bardot media conference and held her own conference right after to attack Brigitte Bardot for her opposition to the slaughter of the seal pups.

The Senator did face off on the Mike Duffy show on CTV that evening with Captain Paul Watson who clearly had the upper hand in the debate. Captain Watson said that since she had never been to the seal hunt and never seen a seal killed she was in no position to claim the killing was humane.

Senator Hervieux-Payette said "The impression that I have is that there are a lot of people who are waiting for someone who will talk to them a little like I did in my fight for the seal hunters," said Hervieux-Payette, a Trudeau-era cabinet minister.

All the Senator said in her "fight" for the seal hunters is that the seal slaughter was humane and there were plenty of seals. She also said that the sealers are native people who need to kill seals to survive. [Note: They are not native and they don't need seals to survive.]

Hervieux-Payette is in the running more for comic relief. There are already 10 declared candidates in the race to succeed former Prime Minister Paul Martin, with several more still deciding whether to run.

The Senator's comments may win her a few votes from the "Neanderthal" crowd in the Magdalen Islands or Newfoundland but they won't win her much support in the civilized parts of Canada like Toronto, Calgary, or Vancouver.

The early favorite is Michael Ignatieff who made an impressive appearance at the Quebec wing's annual convention, boasting the support of three of the 13 Liberal MPs from the province, the most of any candidate to date.

"I kind of hope she does win the leadership," said Captain Paul Watson. "The pathetic display of pro-sealing posturing she demonstrated to us would make her one very easy opponent to challenge on this debate. In all my years of opposing the slaughter of seals, I have never met a more misinformed and pathetically-weak proponent of the seal hunt. How did she ever get to be a Senator? Oh yeah, Canadians are appointed for 75 years by the Prime Minister. She is a Senator who was appointed years ago by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in return for some service and now she is parading herself as the savior of barbaric seal killers."