Japanese Whalers Target Pregnant Whales

For some strange perverse reason that only the so-called Japanese "scientists" can explain, 60 percent of all the female whales taken this last year in Antarctica were pregnant.

The report that outlines these figures was published by the Japanese government.

Japan reports that they slaughtered 853 Piked whales and 10 Fin whales.

391 of the 853 Piked whales were female and 224 of them were pregnant. Two of the Fin whales were also pregnant.

In addition three of the Piked whales killed were lactating females with calves which means there is a high probability that three calves perished as a result of the killing of their mothers.
This means that the Japanese whalers effectively killed 1092 whales.

90% of the whales slaughtered were killed in the Australian Antarctic Whale Sanctuary.

"There is only one word that can describe what the Japanese whalers are doing in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary and that is the word evil," said Captain Paul Watson. "Japan's activities are illegal, immoral and a crime against humanity, the Earth and future generations."

Note: The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society does not recognize the term Minke whale and we refer to these whales as Piked whales. Minke was a whaler and we do not believe that whales should be given the names of their killers.