Captain Peter Bethune is no longer just a man who set a world record in boating and had the courage to defend the whales. He will now be the very symbol of the citizens of New Zealand and Australia and their love for the great whales.

The last time a Kiwi was taken prisoner to Japan was in their great war of imperialism when they attempted to enslave both Australia and New Zealand. They have now returned to plunder Australian and New Zealand waters and once again they are arrogantly flaunting the law and taking prisoners.

“I don’t think that Australian and New Zealanders are going to tolerate the abuse of Peter Bethune by the thugs from Japan who annually plunder the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary for profit in the name of research,” said Steve Irwin Chief Cook Laura Dakin of Canberra.

“If the Japanese put Peter Bethune on trial in Japan, it will be a case that will draw the attention of the world,” said Captain Paul Watson, “What is the Japanese government thinking? The persecution of Captain Peter Bethune will a rallying point for an international campaign to free Captain Bethune and to end the brutal illegal slaughter of the whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.