In Memory of
J.D. Mayhew

On Friday, February 13th renowned artist J.D. Mayhew passed away at his home in Northern California.

J.D. was a longtime friend of Captain Paul Watson and a very close friend of Sea Shepherd Advisory Board member George Sumner and his wife Donnalei.

Captain Paul Watson asked that George Sumner read the following at the memorial for J.D. to be held in Fort Bragg, California on February 17, 2004:


"J.D. Mayhew was a man who shared with only a few others the understanding that dwelling in the sea are beings of deep and profound intelligence and graceful beauty, and whereas I have the honor of defending them at sea, I honor also those few gifted artists who have managed to capture the soul of leviathan and to convey it to humanity in a way that motivates a compassion and an empathy with the monarchs of the seas.

The whales and dolphins have lost a champion, an ambassador and a friend and if there is such a thing as reincarnation, J.D. is out there now amongst those he loved and respected and now sees the world through the eyes of his beloved cetaceans.

May he be remembered for his talent, for his art and his legacy but most of all may he be remembered as one who was able to bring the mind in the waters to humanity with beauty and honesty.

It was my privilege to have known him and when next I put to sea, we will toast his memory and think of him as the sun sets on the Pacific. We will miss him."