Here’s a sample of how the hearing went:

Judge Jones: “Now, typically in the application of a preliminary injunction that is a straightforward task. But it is complicated here because, it seems plain to me, if I grant the injunction that plaintiffs are requesting, then the plaintiffs will, without a doubt, continue to engage in their activity of killing whales.”

MR. NEUPERT (attorney for plaintiff): "[What Sea Shepherd does] is akin to what the Somali pirates do in their waters."

THE COURT: "Counsel, don't you see a remarkable difference between someone approaching you with an AK 47 and someone throwing beer bottles with butyric acid?"

MR. NEUPERT: "I grant the court that there is a difference."

Read the whole transcript of the hearing and check back for updates!

Court TranscriptICR versus Sea Shepherd transcript of proceedings, February 16, 2012

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