The Steve Irwin dispatched its helicopter to fly over the area and spotted the Sainte Sophie Francois 2. No sooner did the helicopter fly over, the vessel turned off its AIS, changed course and started to head towards Tunisian waters.

The other four vessels were the Jean Marie Christian 6, Jean Marie Christian 7, Sainte Sophie 3 and Cisberlande 5. All have been allocated bluefin tuna quotas this year but their whereabouts are unknown at this point.

The Brigitte Bardot is deep inside Libyan waters searching for poaching operations.

Captain Lockhart Maclean reports that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is in contact with NATO forces regarding our movements and reporting to both ICCAT and the European Union Fishing Commission.

The Sea Shepherd ships are patrolling the waters off the coast of Libya searching for tuna poachers taking advantage of the war in Libya to illegally catch endangered bluefin tuna. All tuna fishing in these waters is prohibited under ICCAT and European fishing regulations.


Operation Blue Rage 2011

Blue Rage 2011