Gods & Generals: Ron Maxwell is Sea Shepherds Choice

Civil War Movie Director, Ron Maxwell, is Sea Shepherds Choice To Direct Ocean Warrior - The Sea Shepherd Story

The epic Civil War film, "Gods and Generals" opened in Washington D.C. this week and will be released in theaters across the United States the weekend of February 22nd and 23rd.

The Director is Ron Maxwell, a longtime Sea Shepherd supporter, who is now the leading contender for the job of directing "Ocean Warrior - The Sea Shepherd Story."

The "Ocean Warrior" Project is on again. The films financing collapsed in March 2001 just as the movie was to begin shooting. Director John Badham was the Director of the film that was to star Aiden Quinn, Anne Heche and Billy Bob Thornton.

The project has now been re-financed, and the Sea Shepherd Board is hopeful that Ron Maxwell will be chosen as the Director, with Christian Bale to be cast as Captain Paul Watson.

The Producers are Pieter Kroonenberg and Gary Howsam of Kingsborough/GFT Entertainment.

Ron Maxwell,s movie, "Gods and Generals" is an epic three and a half hour movie about the first years of the Civil War.

Captain Paul Watson is urging Sea Shepherd supporters to help make this movie a success. The first weekend is often the most important in the life of a movie.

"Ron,s attention to detail and to historical accuracy impressed me very much. This is a dramatic panoramic movie of passionate action during difficult times, and is relevant to the difficult times the world is now experiencing. This film demonstrates how the passions and the horror of the civil war have defined a nation."

"What we are looking for in the Ocean Warrior movie is attention to detail and historical accuracy. Ron Maxwell has shown that he is a master of both." - Captain Paul Watson

"I have seen the six hour directors cut of this film and I highly recommend it." - Dr. Ben Zuckerman,
Sea Shepherd Board of Directors, Sierra Club Board of Directors and Professor of Astronomy at UCLA

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