The marine park policy would also turn a minimum of 30 percent of Australian waters into reserves where fishing, whaling, exploration and drilling for oil or gas will be prohibited.

Green Party Senator Bob Brown has said he has no plans to retire and is determined to protect the whales in the Southern Ocean.

What does this mean for Sea Shepherd?

It means we can continue to have Australia as our major support base for our annual interventions against illegal Japanese whaling activities. It also means that there may be a political and court ordered solution to this problem and this would mean that the Whale Wars will be over.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will continue to intervene against Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean until the Japanese whaling fleet retires from their unlawful whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.   

Sea Shepherd France will continue to communicate with the French government over the need for enforcement in the waters of Terre Adelie and Sea Shepherd New Zealand will continue to do the same in Aotearoa.