Galapagos Rangers Seize Two More Poachers

On October 17 the Galapagos National Park patrol boat Guadalupe River intercepted the industrial fishing vessel Don Antonio. The vessel boat was found actively fishing forty miles inside the Galapagos National Park Marine Reserve.

The interception location was near Round Rock just North of Isabela Island. This is the third time that the Don Antonio has been caught in the Marine Reserve. It was previously fined and released.

There is an indictment being prepared by the National Park. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is urging the National Park to begin the process to order a confiscation of the vessel by the courts.

On the same day, the rangers also intercepted a small boat near Santa Cruz island named the Almar with a load of illegally taken sea cucumbers on board.

Both the Don Antonio and the Almar are presently under arrest.