Captain Paul Watson presented Sea Shepherd crew jackets to Ian Campbell and Mayor Brad Petitt of Fremantle.

Fremantle plaqueMayor Brad Pettitt has continued the support of Fremantle City Hall for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society that we have enjoyed for years under former Mayor Peter Tagliaferri. He presented the Steve Irwin with a plaque of the Fremantle Coat of Arms and the flag of Fremantle with a request that we fly the city’s colors in the Southern Ocean.

In return, Captain Paul Watson presented Mayor Pettitt with the Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger and the Mayor announced that the Sea Shepherd colours would fly from the mast atop City Hall.

In 2006, Peter Tagliaferi presented the flag and the Coat of Arms to Captain Alex Cornelissen on the Farley Mowat after the Farley Mowat docked in Fremantle fresh from their heroic escape from Cape Town, South Africa. Stripped of her Canadian registry and flying only the Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger, the Farley Mowat was a genuine pirate ship when she arrived to a hero’s welcome in Fremantle.

The December 2nd event raised $20,000 for the Sea Shepherd campaign for the whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

The Perth and Fremantle Chapters of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have been the strongest support group for Sea Shepherd in Australia for years. The Captain and the crew of the Steve Irwin are grateful for the support of the City of Fremantle and Mayor Brad Pettitt for hosting the event, to Dr. Richard Walley for the Welcome to Country, to Aiden Varro for the music, to Graphic designer Sharon Wong for designing the promotional leaflets and to all the Fremantle supporting businesses for the donations of goods and services for the Silent Auction.

audiencepaul mayor Brad Pettitt

mayor Brad Pettitt musician
photos credit Barbara Veiga / Sea Shepherd


Sea Shepherd would like to gratefully acknowledge the following sponsors:

  • Angove Wines
  • Cyclewest Agencies
  • Glen Cowans
  • Happs Wines
  • Hemp Company of Margaret River
  • John Bullock
  • Laurance Winery
  • Lick Clothing
  • Little Creatures Brewery
  • Luna Cinemas
  • Lush
  • Nicola
  • Omkara Earth and Space Wear
  • Taylors Wines
  • Velvet Cupcakes
  • Wild Encounters
  • Wills Domain
  • Wind Dancer
  • Wise Wines
  • Mandy Evans
  • Manna Wholefoods
  • Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle
  • Dolphin Dive
  • Source Gallery

And the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society would also like to express our gratitude to the following volunteers for making this event possible.

  • Louis Bell
  • Britta Janssen
  • Marina Hansen
  • Kim Frost

Door and tickets: Louis Bell/Pete Fitzgerald/Britta Janssen
Silent Auction:
Chris & Carley Phillips / Georgie Dicks
Raffle Sales:
Ines Fetahovic / Michelle Mulholland
Membership Sales:
Deborah Hodgson
Merchandise Sales:
Paul Livsey / Jasmin Shaw / Ian Martin / Michael Hawkins
Drinks / Chips Sales:
Stephen and Emma Barwick / Emma Hey
Jenna Eliot / Kylie Herd
DVD Cueing/Technical:
Leith Ingerson
Special Assistance:
Jeff & Marina Hansen, Dave Nickarz and Kylie Herd
Event Coordination: Kim Frost