Eco Barbaric Tourism is a New Industry in Norway

Now there are holiday packages for all those weird sickos out there with an itch to kill something or to watch an animal writhe and scream in pain and agony.

The latest in this cruelfest enterprise is a unique package being promoted by the Norwegian tourist company NorSafari.

This company demonstrated this month that they have an incredible imagination when it comes to finding new ways to exploit cruelty and ecological destructiveness to turn a profit.

The latest is seal killing for fun.

For 1400 Norwegian Kroner or about $250 a day, the sadistically inclined can venture out into the Arctic with a guide and shoot seals.

You can use a rifle or a club. Clubs are better for baby seals and rifles for those who fear a mother seal might attack them. 

There are four day shooting sprees for $1400. You can kill more seals at $500 for each additional kill.

The company proudly proclaims that they will ensure that "your hunt is one not soon forgotten."

Norway's fisheries minister Svein Ludvigsen has said the decision to let tourists join in the slaughter 'could be a big hit'.

Killing quotas haven't been met in recent years, and Ludvigsen said it would 'restore the balance' between fish and seals along Norway's coastline.

These politicians certainly have a way with words. Imagine killing seals for fun and profit to "restore balance to the eco-system." Who would have thought? He may actually believe it himself.

This move has not been greeted with enthusiasm by all of Norway's politicians. In Oslo, Eirik Bergesen, an information adviser for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said "This is certainly not an image we are keen to be portrayed with."

He should not be surprised. Already tourists can go whale watching in the Lofoten Islands and be treated to a whale steak after observing their meal in the wild.

In the Danish Faeroe Islands, tourists go out in small boats to watch and photograph the butchery of defenseless pilot whales. It is such a spectacle of bloody debauchery that even the ancient Romans would have been shocked. And in Iceland a person can net puffins coming back to feed their young and enjoy them roasted the same night as the chicks starve on the rocks.

Is there no end to the extent of human cruelty?  Probably not.

This is a message posted on Derek Gillard's News Commentary website:

Dear Pete and Sue

We're having a lovely time in Norway. The hotel is excellent and it's a beautiful country.

Can't think why we haven't been before. What brought us here this year was the chance to go seal hunting. Remember Tim showed you that NorSafari website, Pete? We paid 8,200 kroner (£650) for four days. For that you get your accommodation and food and they guarantee two baby seal kills. There are experienced hunters on hand to show you how to do it and how to cut up the carcasses.

Tim was a bit disappointed that we're not allowed to club them to death like the professionals. On this trip you get issued with a rifle. Killing a baby seal is great fun and about the easiest thing you can do - they're so defenceless even I can shoot them!

See you when we get back.
Barbara and Tim.

Mark Twain once referred to us as "the damned human race". He was an excellent judge of character.

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