Driving the Message Home to Costco - Don't Sell Products from the Seal Slaughter

Steve Thompson, Sea Shepherd's point man on the campaign to convince Costco to stop selling baby seal oil capsules, has completed his opening protest at Costco's headquarters in Issaquah, Washington.

His protest coincided with a meeting of Costco regional managers and there is no doubt they got our message when an Ads Aloft plane flew overhead at 2:00 P.M. towing a large banner calling for a boycott of Costco because they were supporting the cruel slaughter of seals in Canada by selling seal oil capsules in their store in Newfoundland.

Not only is this product illegal in the United States, it is being marketed as a health food supplement despite the fact that the product contains DDT, arsenic, PCB's, and mercury.

Selling poison in capsules made from the cruel massacre of harp seal pups is hardly a business ethic to be proud of.

Sea Shepherd has been getting a positive feedback from Costco members worldwide who are boycotting the big box store until they stop trading in cruelty and marine ecological destruction.

Read more about Costco's decision to sell a product derived from the annual Canadian seal slaughter.

If you would like to let Costco know how you feel about the fact that they sell a product derived from dead baby seals:

CEO of Costco:

Jim Sinegal
Chief Executive Officer
Email: jsinegal@costco.com

Karen Paulsell
Administrative Assistant to Jim Sinegal
Direct phone: 425-313-8565
Fax: 425-313-8103
Email: kpaulsell@costco.com

Shareholders - Two contacts best used by anyone who holds shares in Costco or who is thinking about purchasing shares:

Sharon Rugh
Executive Assistant to Richard Galanti
Direct phone: 425-313-8256
Fax: 425-313-6593
Email: srugh@costco.com

Richard Galanti
Chief Financial Officer
Direct phone: as of yet unknown
Email: rgalanti@costco.com

Canadian Senior Executives - Costco's top decision-makers in Canada (the ones who ultimately pushed to restock the shelves with seal oil caps):

Louise Wendling
Senior Vice President of Costco Canada
Direct phone: 613-221-2000 ext. 2020
Fax: 613-221-2001
Email: louise.wendling@costco.com

Pierre Riel
Senior VP and General Manager for Eastern Canada
Direct phone: 613-221-2000 ext. 2003
Fax: 613-221-2001
Email: pierre.riel@costco.com

Pharmaceuticals - Two individuals in Canada in charge of Costco's pharmaceutical division which handles the seal oil product:

Reza Farmand
Director of Pharmacy
Direct phone: 613-221-2313
Fax: 613-221-2001
Email: reza.farmand@costco.com

Mitch Johnston
Buyer - Canadian Pharmacies
Direct phone: 613-221-2385
Email: mitch.johnston@costco.com