Erwin says he is happy to be able to sleep in a real bed with a heater in the room and is overwhelmed by the support from people globally.

Erwin will be back in court on February 22 to hear the judge’s verdict on the assault charges.  The prosecution has only asked for a small fine of 100,000 Yen ($1,300), should Erwin be found guilty.  No jail time was requested.  The defense exposed the fact that the prosecution’s case is without merit, as well as how poorly the case was investigated.  It has become clear that arresting Erwin and charging him with assault was politically motivated.  The prosecution’s appeal against Erwin’s release from detention is blatant injustice and more proof of the political motivation behind this case.

Erwin will not be speaking to the media until after sentencing on Feb 22.  Check back for updates on this case!

Erwin and Scott Erwin