Coast Guard Prepares to Try to Board the Farley Mowat

From Captain Paul Watson Aboard the Farley Mowat


0950 Hours AST


Position:  47  Degrees 17 Minutes  50 Seconds North

61  Degrees 35 Minutes  3 Seconds West

6  Nautical Miles from the Magdalen Islands


The Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker Amundsen is attempting to board the Farley Mowat. They have rigged a large cage on a derrick which it appears they intend to swing over the side with a boarding party. They also have a large chunk of metal on a wire rope attached to another derrick which appears to be a set-up for a wrecking ball.

We have not been told we are under arrest and we have not been told that we are breaking any regulations.  I have asked them to verify if we are in violation of any regulations and they have refused to answer. 

They have been maneuvering dangerously close to the Farley Mowat and at points only a few feet have separated the two vessels.