Coast Guard on the Move

Coast Guard Vessels Amundsen and Edward Cornwallis

The Canadian Coast Guard Icebreakers Amundsen and Edward Cornwallis have moved into a position close to the Farley Mowat.

The Amundsen has been with the Farley Mowat since last night. The Cornwallis arrived alongside the Amundsen at 1230 Hours.

The two Coast Guard ships Amundsen and Edward Cornwallis appear to be preparing for an assault on the ship. There has been helicopter activity between the Amundsen and the Cornwallis.

The crew, listening to the marine radio, overheard a call from a nearby sealer asking for help, as his boat was being crushed by the ice. The Coast Guard replied, "We're busy." Since the Coast Guard ships did not leave to go to the aid of the sealing vessel in distress, this appears to confirm that they are focusing on us.