Coast Guard Move - Update

1400 Hours AST - Both the Amundsen and the Edward Cornwallis moved close to the Farley Mowat for an hour and then separated. The Amundsen is staying with the Farley Mowat and the Cornwallis has moved off. The icebreaker Earl Grey is assisting sealing vessels in distress. Apparently, one sealing vessel has lost the use of its engine and another is reporting the possibility that its hull will be crushed by the ice. The winds are increasing and the ice pressure is increasing with it.

Our earlier estimate of nearly 25,000 seals killed was based on the report from one sealing vessel. We have now heard the official report and it is around 15,000 for yesterday. We can only hope the sealers lose more vessels before they can reach their death quota.

1430 Hours AST - A second sealing vessel, the Sandy Beach, issued a mayday and is sinking 30 miles north of the Magdalens. This distress call followed a conversation where they had previously reported engine loss. In the middle of the transmission, the radio went dead and the distress signal sounded.

All the Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers are in the area of the Farley Mowat and cannot reach the Sandy Beach for 8 to 10 Hours. A Coast Guard helicopter has been dispatched to the last coordinates given by the sealers.

The two Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers that have been near the Farley Mowat have left the area and have steamed away.