Chile is clearly willing to help the whales and show the world that it maintains its strong position against the illegal whaling activities perpetrated by whaling fleets. If only all southern hemisphere nations would do the same.

However this turns out, two things are certain: 1 - By all accounts thus far, the government of Chile seems determined to enforce applicable conservation laws, and 2 - Sea Shepherd is honored to assist the Chilean authorities and will continue to work closely with governments like Chile to defend, conserve, and protect marine wildlife.

Importantly, Chile is not the only South American country to take a strong stand against illegal whaling. This past Monday, many member nations of the International Whaling Commission urged Japan to stop its so-called scientific whaling in Antarctic waters and to respect sanctuaries for the species. Among them were Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Uruguay, all of which are also members of the anti-whaling Group of Buenos Aires (GBA). GBA nations stand united and reaffirm their commitment to whale conservation, maintaining a moratorium on whaling-related trade, and respecting the integrity of internationally recognized whale sanctuaries.

Sea Shepherd is proud of these countries, and very proud to have established the basis of cooperative conservation work with the Chilean authorities.

Sea Shepherd now calls upon the governments of Australia and New Zealand to take note of this precedent set by Chile—and to demonstrate the same willingness to enforce conservation laws in their own waters.

A crewmember holds up a device confirming the Nisshin Maru’s location. Photo: Gary Stokes (click to enlarge)A crewmember holds up a device confirming the Nisshin Maru’s location. Photo: Gary Stokes
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Operation No Compromise

No Compromise