Captain Paul Watson at Sharkwater Screening

Canadian Films On Tour will present Rob Stewart's award-winning Sharkwater in Nelson at the Canadian FLIKS Festival this Thursday, March 8, at 7:00pm, at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson, BC.  Sea Shepherd Founder and President Captain Paul Watson will present the visually stunning film that explores the plight of sharks and what mankind is doing to these misunderstood creatures. Captain Watson will participate in a Q&A session after the movie.

Sponsored by Moving Pictures and facilitated by the West Kootenay Eco Society, Captain Watson will give a lecture at the Nelson Public Library at noon on Friday, March 9, on Sea Shepherd's efforts to save sharks and their recent campaign to save whales in the waters of Antarctica.

Sharkwater takes viewers into the most shark rich waters of the world, exposing the exploitation and corruption surrounding the world's shark populations in the marine reserves of Cocos Island, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.  Driven by passion fed from a life-long fascination with sharks, Rob Stewart debunks historical stereotypes and media depictions of sharks as bloodthirsty, man-eating monsters, and reveals the reality of sharks as pillars in the evolution of the seas.  In an effort to protect sharks, Stewart teams up with Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Their unbelievable adventure together starts with a battle between the Sea Shepherd and shark poachers in Guatemala, resulting in pirate boat rammings, gunboat chases, mafia espionage, corrupt court systems and attempted murder charges, forcing them to flee for their lives.

Date: March 8, 2007
Time: 7 pm
421 Victoria Street
Nelson, BC