Australian Government Urged to Ban Spy Flights

In a new report released today, the Federal Opposition in Australia is preparing new legislation calling for a ban on Japanese whalers from using Australian planes and airports for the purposes of spying on Sea Shepherd.

Apparently, word has gotten out that the Japanese whalers are chartering aircraft in Australia to track the Sea Shepherd ships. Despite this, the illegal whalers are still able to utilize Australian resources for whaling activities in an effort to sabotage anti-whaling activists.

Although Japanese whaling ships themselves are banned from entering Australian waters, this has not stopped Japan from continuing to defy Australian authority in the Southern Ocean as well as on land.

Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt said, “Planes are taking off from Australian airports to support Japanese whaling, to capture information, to spy on protestors. It’s time to end the practice of spy flights in support of Japanese whaling in Australian waters.”

Hunt continued to challenge Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to live up to his pre-election promise to end illegal whaling.

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert also supported the new legislation, commenting, “The Australian government says it is trying to stop whaling, but one of the activities they can do to help stop whaling is to ensure that no Australia resources are used to aid whaling.”

The Sea Shepherd ships Bob Barker and Steve Irwin are currently pursuing the whale poachers in the Southern Ocean.

Said Captain Paul Watson, “For the Japanese whalers we intend to make this a never-ending trip to the dentist. We don’t intend to see whales die without opposition and without massive economic costs to their killers. And we are costing them dearly. Thank you Australia for your ongoing support.”