Attention Sierra Club Members: Paul Watson Running for Sierra Club Board

Captain Watson is a Candidate for the National Board of the Sierra Club

Captain Watson is a Candidate for the National Board of the Sierra Club

I am presently in the running for the Board of Directors of the Sierra Club. My purpose in running for the Sierra Club Board is to provide a voice on two important issues. The first is marine conservation, which is not represented on the Board, and the second is the issue of escalating human population growth and the threat it poses to the planets eco-systems. I will be backing Ben Zuckerman on this issue and together we will work to have the Sierra Club take a stronger stand on both issues.

Dr. Ben Zuckerman (Sea Shepherd Board of Director), was elected to the Sierra Club National Board in 2002.

Captain Paul Watson has been officially nominated and is a petition candidate for the Sierra Club Board of Directors in 2003 If you are a Sierra Club member - please consider casting your vote for Paul Watson.

Join the Sierra Club through the e-mail site - - and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will receive a commission on your membership. You may also call Sierra Club membership department at 415-977-5653

If you join the Sierra Club before January 31st, you are eligible to vote in the election. The ballots will be mailed out in the first week of March. Every vote makes a difference and statistics show that a very small percentage of Sierra Club members vote.

To combat the slate of candidates put forward by the Sierra Club, we are encouraging members to cast only three votes. These are bullet votes. Vote for Paul Watson. Vote for Doug Lafollette. Vote for Dick Schneider.

Paul Watson, Doug Lafollette, and Dick Schneider are all strong advocates of the need to address escalating populations as the primary source of escalating ecological problems.

We need Captain Paul Watson, Doug Lafollette, and Dick Scneider on the Board of the Sierra Club for the following reasons: To motivate the Sierra Club to take a strong stand on marine conservation issues, water use issues, and global warming. Paul Watson is also a strong supporter for addressing over-population issues, something the Sierra Club has been afraid to address.

Thank you for your support.