$9 Challenge: OZT Fundraising Update and Continuing Appeal

Help our crew achieve victory in the Southern OceanHelp our crew achieve victory in the Southern Ocean
Photo: Billy Danger / Sea Shepherd
Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s $9 Challenge to raise funds for Sea Shepherd’s Ninth Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation Zero Tolerance! We received nearly $20,000 over the course of the challenge from more than 700 donors, more than half of them new to Sea Shepherd. We are grateful for your vote of confidence and promise we won’t disappoint. Your gift is making a difference! We are now up to approximately $180,000 in funds raised toward our $2 million goal for the campaign.

Yes, we still have a long way to go but I am certain with your help, we will make it. Although the $9 Challenge is over, you can still donate in any increment of 9 or other amount to make a difference for our oceans. Please dig down deep and make a pledge in support of this campaign on behalf of the great whales of the Antarctic. For the first time, our goal is to thwart the whalers from accomplishing a single kill. A tall order, but I am confident my crew and my fleet are up to the task! Now we just need YOUR help. Operation Zero Tolerance is not yet fully funded. If we don't raise the necessary donations to see us through the next three months of this campaign, we may be forced to retreat earlier than planned — allowing the whalers free reign to harpoon whales at will.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to give, please take a moment to support Sea Shepherd and our brave crew of international volunteers from 23 nations. They’ve left the comforts of home and family to make a difference for the whales and be a part of this historical voyage. You, our supporters, have much in common with them. Like our crew, our supporters are also men and women of passion, people who care about what befalls the Earth and the sons of Earth. Our supporters are people who won’t sit idly by and watch our precious oceans be exploited into oblivion until there is nothing left but far-reaching dead zones where sea life once dwelled. Our supporters believe that the word “sanctuary” actually MEANS something and the integrity of that meaning should be upheld.  YOU are our supporters and we are grateful to have you in our corner, for you know the TRUTH, and that is, if the oceans die, we die — and the oceans are dying in our lifetime.

Please give what you can today and watch your donation in action here, as illustrated by the silhouette of our flagship, Steve Irwin, ‘filling up’ as we get closer to our goal. The oceans need you. The whales need you.  WE need you. Please stand with us.


Captain Paul Watson

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