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Sea Shepherd news articles from 2012 and earlier.

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  1. Sea Shepherd Australia Welcomes Former Greens Leader Bob Brown to its Board of Directors
  2. Sea Shepherd Challenges Denmark at the European Commission
  3. Sea Shepherd Invites Concerned Nations to Witness Activities in Southern Ocean
  4. Join the Crew of the Steve Irwin LIVE This Christmas Eve / Day!
  5. Sea Shepherd Makes Bid to China to Survey Diaoyu Islands to Protect Indigenous Marine Wildlife
  6. Bloody and Brutal Namibian Seal Hunt Season Ends
  7. The SSS Sam Simon is Unveiled in Hobart, Tasmania
  8. Puget Sound Orcas Endangered Status Threatened
  9. $9 Challenge: OZT Fundraising Update and Continuing Appeal
  10. Rutger Hauer and Sil van der Woerd Create Film as Gift for Sea Shepherd
  11. Captain Watson Offers $20,000 Reward to Help Apprehend Gulf Dolphin Killers
  12. Raising Awareness About Our Oceans on Aerosmith’s “Global Warming Tour” - Part Two
  13. Hearing to Discuss PG&E’s Central Coast Seismic Testing Permit Request To Be Held Nov. 14th
  14. Laufen gegen Leiden - A Marathon Runner dedicates his Efforts to Animal Rights
  15. Sea Lions Killed for the Crime of...Eating Fish?
  16. Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Zero Tolerance
  17. Pamela Anderson Launches Sea Shepherd's Operation Zero Tolerance Aboard the SSS Brigitte Bardot
  18. Dutch National Postcode Lottery Prolongs Collaboration with Sea Shepherd
  19. Help Shape Threat Management Plan for New Zealand’s Endemic Maui’s Dolphin
  20. German National Released from Shingu Jail
  21. Sea Shepherd Announces Southern Operation Base
  22. Captain Paul Watson Receives Jules Verne Award
  23. Western Australia Dept of Fisheries Put Sharks in Jeopardy
  24. The Dolphins Need Your Help!
  25. Update on Six Dolphins Shipped on Monday From Taiji
  26. Sea Shepherd at the Heart of a Japanese Scandal
  27. German National Arrested in Taiji
  28. U.S. Ninth Circuit Court Panel To Hear Appeal From Japan's ICR Against Sea Shepherd
  29. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Documentary Premieres in Melbourne and LA
  30. Japanese Whalers Confirm Sea Shepherd's Effectiveness
  31. Orca Death, a Taste of What's to Come?
  32. Human Impact Affecting Wildlife Population in Argentina
  33. Human Impact Affecting Wildlife Population in Argentina
  34. CITES – A New Hope?
  35. Sea Shepherd Crewmember Assists with Baby Humpback Rescue in Tonga
  36. O.R.C.A. Force Stealth Mission a Success
  37. Operation Kimberley Miinimbi Summary and Launch of Campaign Film
  38. Sea Shepherd Partners with Nation of Kiribati to Patrol the Phoenix Islands
  39. PG&E Seeking Approval for Seismic Testing on California’s Central Coast
  40. O.R.C.A Force UAV Captures First Footage of Sealers
  41. Hundreds Rally in Sydney for Kimberley Whales
  42. O.R.C.A. Force’s Unmanned Aircraft Makes Successful Test Flight Over Cape Cross Seal Colony
  43. Judge Denies Bail in Galapagos Iguana Smuggling Case
  44. Operation Kimberley Miinimbi Update: Chevron Jumps Ship as Pressure to Save Critical Humpback Nursery From Gas Hub Increases
  45. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Launches Operation Desert Seal II
  46. Toronto Should Not Permit the Capture of Wild Endangered Sharks for Ripley's Aquarium
  47. Setting the Record Straight on Paul Watson's Legal Status
  48. Update from Operation Kimberley Miinimbi: The Steve Irwin encounters the World’s Largest Humpback Whale Nursery
  49. Galapagos Iguana Case: Defendant Should Not Be Granted Bail
  50. Operation Infinite Patience: Cove Guardians 2012-2013
  51. Irish Champion Swimmer to Brave the English Channel in Support of Sea Shepherd
  52. Costa Rica Elevates Politically Motivated Attack Upon Captain Watson and Sea Shepherd; Interpol ‘Red’ Notice Issued
  53. Death Trawler On its Way Down Under
  54. Sea Shepherd Arrives in Broome to Begin Whale Survey at James Price Point
  55. Former Greens Senator Bob Brown in Broome to begin Operation Kimberley Miinimbi
  56. Announcing the Winners of the “Save Our Skipper” Online Visual Petition Contest!
  57. Raising Awareness About Our Oceans on Aerosmith’s “Global Warming Tour”
  58. Captain Paul Watson Sends Sea Shepherd First Message for Supporters Since Departing Germany
  59. Attorney for Captain Paul Watson Confirms Sea Shepherd's Beliefs: Japan is Seeking to Extradite Watson
  60. Reflections on a Sea Lion Killing Season at the Bonneville Dam
  61. Attorney for Captain Paul Watson Confirms the Activist has Departed Germany
  62. Champion Racecar Driver Zack Jarrell is Racing to Save Our Oceans
  63. Steve Irwin Departs for Broome to Commence Operation Kimberley Miinimbi
  64. Bob Brown and Sea Shepherd Launch Operation Kimberley Miinimbi
  65. Sea Shepherd Calls On its Supporters to Oppose Gas Hub for Aussie Humpbacks
  66. Measures to Protect Maui's Dolphins Inadequate
  67. SOS – Save Our Skipper Call to Action!
  68. German National Arrested in Galapagos for Attempting to Smuggle Wildlife
  69. Japanese Whalers Acknowledge Sea Shepherd Success
  70. Long Awaited Ombudsman Report Proves Disappointing for Namibia’s Cape Fur Seals
  71. The Rice and Banana Conspiracy: The Japan/Costa Rica Connection
  72. Captain Paul Watson’s Arrest Appears to Be Bad News for the Shark Finners of Costa Rica
  73. Galapagos National Park Mourns the Loss of Lonesome George, an Icon of Conservation Efforts Worldwide
  74. Legal Victory for Sea Shepherd U.K. Today in the British Court
  75. The Scandalous Crime of Saving Sharks In Shady Costa Rica
  76. The M/V Sam Simon to Join the Sea Shepherd Fleet for the Next Voyage to Antarctica
  77. Home and Away star Rallies for the Whales
  78. The Tide Has Turned for Marine Life in Australia
  79. M/Y Brigitte Bardot & M/Y Bob Barker Sail into Sydney, Australia
  80. Sea Shepherd officially hands over AIS system to Galapagos National Park Service
  81. Deputy Greens Leader Adam Bandt steps up for the sharks as the Brigitte Bardot becomes a Melbournian
  82. The Five Nations Iroquois Confederacy asks for the release of Captain Paul Watson
  83. Sea Shepherd Founder Arrested in Germany
  84. Captain Paul Watson Meets with the Foreign Minister of Costa Rica Enrique Castillo
  85. Our Voices for the Sharks in a Heartfelt Pledge of Cooperation on the May 23rd Day of Protest
  86. John Paul DeJoria Pleas to German Ministry to Free Paul Watson
  87. Letter From the Former Minister of the Environment of Australia Senator Ian Campbell
  88. Watch Captain Watson’s Press Conference Outside Preungesheim Prison
  89. S.O.S. Day – Save Our Skipper – Wednesday May 23rd
  90. Bogus Extradition Process to Proceed, but Captain Paul Watson Granted Bail
  91. German Prosecutor’s Late Motion Gives German Ministers More Time to Free Captain Paul Watson!
  92. Germany Considers Sending Whale Defender to Costa Rica
  93. Urgent Call to Sea Shepherd Supporters - Help Save Captain Watson from Extradition to Costa Rica!
  94. Update on the Arrest of Captain Watson: Day 2 in Custody
  95. Captain Paul Watson Arrested In Frankfurt, Germany on Warrant Issued by Costa Rica
  96. Sea Shepherd Celebrates the Birthday of Canada’s Living Treasure, Farley Mowat
  97. Don’t Allow Extinction to Be the Fate of the Maui’s Dolphin
  98. Another Step Closer to Environmental Justice in the Galapagos
  99. Marine Mammal “Researcher” Observed Harassing and Possibly Abusing Sea Lions in Astoria, Oregon
  100. Live Whale Wars: Viking Shores After-Show Friday May 4th 10 PM ET
  101. The Brigitte Bardot Arrives in Williamstown
  102. Sea Shepherd Crewmembers Discuss The Grind on CNN
  103. Crewmember Deborah Bassett on Last Call with Carson Daly Friday April 27!
  104. In Sadness We Mourn the Death of Captain Albert Falco
  105. Sea Shepherd Vessel Brigitte Bardot Relaunched and Ready For Action
  106. Sea Shepherd Gathers With French Citizens to Oppose Oil Drilling in the South of France
  107. Sea Shepherd is Looking for Volunteers to be Dam Guardians
  108. Memorial for a Brave and Inspirational Makah Elder
  109. Sea Shepherd Calls For Immediate Protection of New Zealand’s Critically Endangered Maui’s and Hector's Dolphins
  110. Victory for the dolphins in Switzerland!
  111. U.S. District Court Ruling Could Allow State Wildlife Agencies to Kill 460 Federally Protected California Sea Lions in Washington and Oregon
  112. Global Cycling Contestant Riding to Raise Funds for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Makes His Way Across The U.S.
  113. The Bardot Will Fly Again, Thanks to World-Class Team
  114. Cove Guardian situation update: Truth is stranger than fiction
  115. A Bizarre Display of Police Authority in Taiji, Japan
  116. Sea Shepherd Calls for Immediate Action Against Cruel Butchery and Illegal Trade of Dugong and Sea Turtles
  117. The Whalers Head Home!
  118. A Light at the End of the Tunnel For the Galapagos Islands?
  119. The Night Attack of the Yushins
  120. Eureka! The Whaling Fleet Has Been Found and Shut Down!
  121. Hong Kong Airlines Bans Transport of Wild Animals
  122. Sea Shepherd Ploy Leaves Two Frustrated Japanese Whaling Captains Looking Silly at Sea
  123. Sea Shepherd Shows Hong Kong Airlines the Direct Action Tactic
  124. Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen Receives a Hero’s Welcome in Amsterdam
  125. Sea Shepherd Moves Refueling Operation to Auckland Island
  126. Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen Meets the Press at Tokyo’s Foreign Correspondents’ Club
  127. Sea Shepherd Ships Refuel for a Return to the Chase
  128. Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen Found Not Guilty By Japanese Judge
  129. Stand Up for Our Coral Sea Whales and Sharks
  130. Sea Shepherd Expands Our United States Board of Directors By Welcoming Three New Members
  131. ICR’s injunction is denied in U.S. District Court
  132. Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen is Released from Jail
  133. A Dangerous Pursuit through a Maze of Ice
  134. Sea Shepherd Crewmember knocked into frigid Antarctic waters by Japanese Water Cannon
  135. Sea Shepherd receives € 900,000, from Dutch National Postcode Lottery
  136. Sea Shepherd to Pursue the Japanese Whaling fleet until the End of March
  137. Update on Imprisoned Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen February 8, 2012
  138. Cove Guardian Radios Banned by Police in Taiji
  139. CTV’s W5 Profile on Captain Paul Watson
  140. Trial Update on Dutch Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen
  141. Sea Shepherd Offers $10,000 Reward for Arrest and Conviction of Puget Sound Sea Lion Killers
  142. Trial Begins For Dutch Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen in Taiji, Japan
  143. Sea Shepherd Chases the Japanese Whalers into Yesterday
  144. Bid to Free Erwin
  145. Galapagos Judge Suspended Over Fer Mary Case
  146. Help Sea Shepherd Launch a Third Large Whale Protection Ship
  147. Three Sea Shepherd Crew Injured in Skirmish with Japanese Harpoon Vessel
  148. Home from the Sea. Home to the Trees
  149. Australian Protesters Safely Transferred to ACV Ocean Protector
  150. Statement from Humane Society International
  151. Tokyo’s Illegal Invasion of World Heritage Area Continues
  152. Sea Shepherd dancing dangerously with the outlaw Whaling Fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  153. The Shonan Maru Boarding Incident
  154. Japanese Harpoon Vessel enters the Australian Twelve Mile Limit
  155. Australian Whale Defenders on their way to Antarctica Against Their Will
  156. 32° 57” 48” South and 115° 20’ 24” East
  157. Three Australian Prisoners Now Detained on a Japanese Whaler in Australian Waters
  158. Australia Approves the Use of Drones by Sea Shepherd
  159. Crew Taken Off the Brigitte Bardot
  160. Bob Barker Moves In on the Japanese Whaling Fleet in French Antarctic Waters.
  161. O.R.C.A. FORCE
  162. Operation Divine Wind Update
  163. Galapagos Judge Annuls Fer Mary Case
  164. Update and Call-to-Action from the Cove Guardians on the Ground in Taiji
  165. Sea Shepherd Ship Severely Damaged by Rogue Wave
  166. Sea Shepherd Intercepts the Japanese Whaling Fleet with Drones
  167. Japan’s “Scientific Whaling,” Much More than Whales
  168. Japanese Police Raid Cove Guardians
  169. Japanese Police Are Getting Desperate in Taiji
  170. Cellist Michael Goldschlager joins the Sea Shepherd Board of Advisors
  171. Japan Unleashes a Tsunami of Muscle Against Sea Shepherd
  172. Sea Shepherd Welcomes Iconic 007 Star Sean Connery, Champion Pro Surfer Stephanie Gilmore, and Award-winning TV Executive Sam Simon to its International Board of Advisors
  173. Australian Government Attempts to Sabotage Sea Shepherd’s Campaign to Defend the Whales
  174. Sea Shepherd Launches New Skateboard Line with Sector 9
  175. Sea Shepherd and Western Australians Rally for the Sharks!
  176. Frustrations Rise in Taiji: a Foiled Kidnapping Attempt on a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian
  177. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Completes the Installation of AIS sites
  178. Galapagos Judge Orders Release of all Suspects in Reina Del Cisne Case
  179. Sea Shepherd Offers $11,000 Reward for the Conviction of New Jersey Whale Killer
  180. Hoka Hey! All Systems Go For Sea Shepherd’s Operation Divine Wind
  181. Another Industrial Shark Fishing Vessel is Apprehended in Galapagos
  182. Sea Shepherd Continues to Fight in Defense of Namibia’s Seals
  183. Sea Shepherd Meets the Voice of the Namibian People
  184. Operation Infinite Patience – the Cove Guardians have Arrived!
  185. Is Namibian Resolve to Slaughter Seals eroding?
  186. The Waters run red: Dozens of Pilot Whales are Cowardly Murdered in the Faeroe Islands
  187. Operation Infinite Patience: Return of the Cove Guardians
  188. Sea Shepherd Prevents Pilot Whale Bloodshed in the Faeroe Islands
  189. Lady Justice Has Abandoned Galapagos
  190. Sea Shepherd Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Being Banned from the International Whaling Commission Meetings
  191. Amongst the Whales
  192. Sea Shepherd's Flagship Vessel the Steve Irwin is Free at Last
  193. Historic Opportunity to Protect the Great Whales!
  194. Challenging Death on the Beaches of Namibia
  195. SOS – Save Our Ship the Steve Irwin! – Update and Continuing Appeal
  196. Shark Poachers Caught Inside the Galapagos Marine Reserve
  197. Sea Shepherd Investigates Secret Underwater Pilot Whale Graveyard
  198. Two Faeroese Nationals join Sea Shepherd in Torshavn Harbour
  199. Emergency SOS from Captain Paul Watson: Save Our Ship!
  200. Sea Shepherd gets Delayed by Tuna Killers from Launching Operation Ferocious Isles
  201. Preparations for Operation Divine Wind are Underway
  202. Japan uses Sea Shepherd to Deflect Corruption Charges at IWC Meeting
  203. Sea Shepherd Stands Tall for the Whales in Jersey
  204. Report from the International Whaling Commission
  205. Operation Ferocious Isles: Defending the Rights of Whales in the Faeroe Islands
  206. Sea Shepherd Receives Commendation from New Zealand
  207. Operation Divine Wind
  208. Will Japan Surrender or Escalate the Whale Wars in the Southern Ocean?
  209. The Galapagos office completes environmental education project for local schools
  210. Sea Shepherd Campaign Status - Operation Blue Rage 2011
  211. Tuna Battle off the Barbary Coast
  212. Sea Shepherd Saves the Life of a Tunisian Tuna Fisherman
  213. Cathay Pacific Airlines Participates in the Dolphin Slave Trade
  214. Hot Pursuit of Tuna Seiner Along Qaddafi’s Line of Death
  215. Operation Blue Rage 2011 Commences: Sea Shepherd Departs for Hostile Libyan Waters to Save Tuna
  216. The Beast Transforms into a Beauty as Godzilla Becomes the Brigitte Bardot
  217. Sea Shepherd Sting Campaign ends in Court
  218. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Launches Environmental law Manual
  219. Will Japan Provide Anti-poaching Support to the Republic of Palau?
  220. Ten Libyan Bluefin Tuna Poaching Boats Detained in France
  221. Sea Shepherd Ships to Patrol Libyan War Zone for Poachers
  222. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Update: Part 2
  223. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Update: Part I
  224. Dutch Solo Sailor Laura Dekker Meets Sea Shepherd Galapagos
  225. Sea Shepherd Returns to Japan
  226. Steve Irwin Tailed by Somali Pirates in the Gulf of Aden
  227. No Welfare For Whalers this Year?
  228. Sea Shepherd Fleet Sets Sail for Summer Campaigns
  229. Sea Shepherd Awarded 4-Star Rating for the Third Consecutive Year by Charity Navigator
  230. The Slaughter has Begun in the Ferocious Isles
  231. Sea Shepherd Partners with the Republic of Palau to Control Poaching
  232. A Match Made in Australia: Sea Shepherd Partners with Certton
  233. How Sea Shepherd has Indirectly Assisted Earthquake Victims in Japan
  234. The Whalers Return Home
  235. Cove Guardians Witness Disaster in Otsuchi, Japan
  236. Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians are Alive and Unharmed
  237. The Deadliest Wave: The Tsunami and Sea Shepherd
  238. Operation No Compromise is Officially Over
  239. Sea Shepherd Sends Gratitude to Mr. Albert Falco
  240. The Minister for the Environment Welcomes Sea Shepherd to Tahiti
  241. The Search for the Berserk Continues
  242. The Life Raft for the Norwegian Sailboat Berserk Has Been Found
  243. Life Raft Discovered by the Crew of the Steve Irwin
  244. Sea Shepherd in Search of Missing Norwegians
  245. A Thank-You Message from Captain Watson
  246. Whales Weep Not!
  247. VSO Day
  248. The Whalers Have Stopped Running East and are now Returning West
  249. Chile Seeks to Intervene Against Japanese Whaling
  250. Japanese Whalers Escorted out of the Whaling Grounds
  251. Sea Shepherd Receives one Million Euros from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery
  252. The Yushin Maru No. 3 Backs Down from the Bob Barker
  253. Sea Shepherd Interrupts Illegal Whale Slaughter
  254. The Steve Irwin Departs Wellington for the Southern Ocean
  255. Japanese Whalers Issue a False Distress Signal
  256. Narrow Escape for the Gojira
  257. Sea Shepherd Flagship Steve Irwin Needs Your Help!
  258. Sea Shepherd Sails into Times Square with Their First Outdoor Advertising Campaign
  259. Operation No Compromise Campaign Progress Report
  260. Hunting the Hunters Through Ice and Storms
  261. The Steve Irwin Disengages for Refueling
  262. Sea Shepherd Successfully finds the Nisshin Maru
  263. Ron el tiburón emerges from the depths of the sea
  264. Halfway Through Operation No Compromise
  265. Riding a Storm in Pursuit of a Black-Hearted Sun
  266. Holding the Course!
  267. Japanese Supply Vessel Agrees to Leave the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  268. Sea Shepherd Cuts off Supplies to the Japanese Whaling Fleet
  269. Sea Shepherd Requests the Support of a Greenpeace Ship
  270. Sea Shepherd Stands Self-sufficient in the Southern Ocean
  271. The Bob Barker Engages Poachers in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  272. The Gojira Deploys Balloons in the Southern Ocean’s Whale Wars
  273. Romance in the Southern Ocean
  274. Japanese Whalers and Sea Shepherd Skirmish on the Date Line
  275. Wikileaks Reveals Sea Shepherd is a Serious Concern to Japan’s Illegal Whaling Operations
  276. Dolphin Tormentor Rejects Captain Watson’s Offer to buy Misty’s Freedom
  277. Free Misty for Me
  278. Dancing with Death Machines at the Bottom of the World
  279. Sea Shepherd Hunts Down the Japanese Whalers Before a Single Whale is Killed
  280. The Galapagos K-9 Police Unit Strikes Again
  281. The Bob Barker Confiscates Poaching Gear from the Southern Ocean’s Waters
  282. The Town of Bluff Welcomes the Steve Irwin
  283. Sea Shepherd website auf Deutsch!
  284. Farewell to Wonderful Wellington
  285. Standing Tall in Taiji
  286. Sea Shepherd Offers NZ$11,500 Reward for Conviction of Seal Killers
  287. Gojira joins the rest of her Sea Shepherd Fleet
  288. Sea Shepherd Departs for Seventh Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign: Operation No Compromise
  289. Has the Japanese Whaling Fleet Surrendered?
  290. Sea Shepherd Makes History with Gojira
  291. Thank-giving Day Slaughter of Dolphins at Taiji
  292. Sea Shepherd Challenges Pro-whaling Nations to Debate
  293. Michelle Rodriguez Completes her Sea Shepherd Training
  294. Maritime New Zealand Report Concludes Captain Pete Bethune's Negligence Contributed to Collision
  295. The Countdown is On for Operation No Compromise!
  296. The Blood Just Keeps Flowing in the Cove
  297. IMATA Must Black List Taiji Dolphin Killers
  298. Japan Censors Tourists from Tuna Auctions
  299. Ten Pilot Whales Fighting for their Life
  300. Sea Shepherd to Bring the Whale Wars to the Faeroe Islands
  301. Taiji Update: More Dolphins in Peril - We Need Your Help!
  302. Taiji Update: 100 Dolphins on Death Row
  303. Sea Shepherd Galapagos: A Major Step Towards the Creation of the First Judiciary on the Rights of Nature in the World
  304. Another Victory for the Harps Seals
  305. The Galapago K-9 Police Unit Detects Wildlife Crime
  306. Massacre at the Cove
  307. Slaughter of Bottlenose Dolphins Begins Today
  308. Sea Shepherd Unveils Interceptor Vessel to Target Illegal Whaling
  309. Sea Shepherd's Operation Gulf Rescue Continues Six Months After Spil
  310. Scott West Has Been Released
  311. Scott West Removed From The Cove by Japanese Police for Filming the Dolphin Slaughter
  312. Bob Barker Completes Successful Refit
  313. International Dolphin Day
  314. Thirty Dolphins Escape From the Cove
  315. Taiji Fishermen May Spare Mothers and Babies
  316. The Cove Runs Red with Blood for the Second Time this Season
  317. Actress Michelle Rodriguez says: I want to do something about it!
  318. A Demonstration Against the “Rot” in Denmark
  319. Sea Shepherd Calls for the Creation of a Specialized Judiciary On Rights of Nature in Galapagos
  320. Pilot Whales Killed in Taiji Cove: September 21
  321. Sea Shepherd's Scott West Arrives in Taiji
  322. Ten Dolphins Captured at The Cove in Taiji!
  323. Sea Shepherd Supporter Files Police Claim Against the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  324. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director Rewarded by Dutch Postcode Lottery
  325. Faeroe Islands: New Photos Show that Bloodbath in Leynar Claimed Four Pregnant Females
  326. Early Warning System for the Whales: Sea Shepherd Deploys Acoustical Warning System for Whales in the Faeroe Islands
  327. Death in the Ferocious Isles: Sea Shepherd under Escort by the Danish Navy
  328. Sea Shepherd Featured in MUTTS Comic Strip
  329. World’s Youngest Sailor Sets Sail Under the Sea Shepherd Flag
  330. GO GREENS! A Political Solution to End Whaling in the Southern Ocean
  331. Sea Shepherd Vessel Steve Irwin Open for Tours in Barcelona
  332. Galapagos Islands No Longer on UNESCO List of World Heritage in Danger
  333. Sea Shepherd Visits Monaco
  334. Faeroe Islands: Sea Shepherd Undercover Operation Exposes Cetacean Mass Slaughter
  335. The Steve Irwin Visits Italy
  336. Oil Spill Assaults Kahnawakes Shoreline
  337. Operation Black Water in Cuba Triumphs in the Name of Sea Life
  338. Press Conference with Freed Whale Warrior Captain Pete Bethune
  339. Whale Wars Nominated for Two Emmy Awards!
  340. Whale Warrior Captain Pete Bethune Free to Return Home
  341. Sea Shepherd Voted #1 Favorite Non-Profit on EBay
  342. Vote Now for Sea Shepherd in eBay’s Contest!
  343. Sea Shepherd at Deepwater Ground Zero
  344. Operation Gulf Rescue Ramps Up
  345. Malta's Traditional Fishermen Salute Sea Shepherd
  346. Furuno Inc. Supports the Slaughter of the Whales
  347. France Stands Up for the Whales
  348. Sea Shepherd Acknowledges the Guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  349. Maltese Prime Minister defends illegal tuna operation
  350. Steve Irwin Attacked in Libyan Waters
  351. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Bluefin Swim Free!
  352. Sea Shepherd Frees 800 Bluefin from Floating Cages Below Libya’s Infamous Line of Death
  353. Germany Delivers an Ultimatum to Iceland on Whaling
  354. Operation Blue Rage: Happy Fish and Unhappy Fishermen
  355. Sea Shepherd Dismisses the IWC as Corrupt and Irrelevant
  356. Operation Blue Rage: Patrolling the Gulf of Sidra
  357. Operation Blue Rage: Inside the Line of Death in the Gulf of Sidra
  358. Operation Blue Rage: Inside the Line of Death in the Gulf of Sidra
  359. Operation Blue Rage: Crossing the Line of Death
  360. Operation Blue Rage: Day Five of the Mediterranean Patrol
  361. Operation Blue Rage: Day Four of the Mediterranean Patrol
  362. Operation Blue Rage- Day Three of the Mediterranean Patrol
  363. Operation Blue Rage- Day Two of the Mediterranean Patrol
  364. Operation Blue Rage- Day One of the Mediterranean Patrol
  365. Whale Wars Season 3 Premiers Friday, June 4th
  366. Update: Captain Pete Bethune’s Trial – First Phase Complete
  367. Bluefin Tuna Highly Endangered According to Japanese Expert
  368. Finally- Australia Government Initiates Legal Action On Japanese Whaling
  369. Update: Captain Pete Bethune’s Trial Starts Today
  370. Democracy Now! Interviews Sea Shepherd’s Scott West
  371. The Bob Barker Goes Dutch
  372. Gulf Rescue Campaign
  373. Sea Shepherd to Focus On Responsible Intervention Against Bluefin Tuna Poachers
  374. Sea Shepherd Prepares for Operation Blue Rage
  375. New Environmental Prosecutor For Galapagos
  376. Maritime Justice in the Land of Oz
  377. It Could Have Been Avoided
  378. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Presents Shark Awareness Pack
  379. Japan Accuses Captain Paul Watson of Obstructing Japanese Whaling Operations: “Duh, ya think?”
  380. Sea Shepherd Announces Operation Blue Rage
  381. Listen LIVE to Paul Watson at TedxSF Event!
  382. Operation No Compromise: Defending the Integrity of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  383. Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin Coming to New Jersey and New York
  384. Congratulations to Randall Arauz
  385. Sea Shepherd Whale Defense Campaign Saves 528 Whales
  386. Agenda 21 Strikes Again
  387. Steve Irwin Update: Fish Aggregating Device Recovery
  388. Captain Bethune Now Declared a Political Prisoner
  389. Sea Shepherd Urges the Boycott of the Nagoya Biodiversity Summit
  390. Steve Irwin Update: Pitcairn Island
  391. Bluefin Tuna Ban Fails, Sea Shepherd Steps Up
  392. Update: Captain Bethune and the Japanese Legal System
  393. The Hump Closes in Santa Monica
  394. Sea Shepherd Captain Peter Bethune Takes on Japan
  395. Australian Federal Police Return Sea Shepherd’s Logbooks
  396. Shepherds Bust the Hump in Santa Monica
  397. Antarctic Campaign Report – Success Defending Whales!
  398. Japanese Whalers Are Clear Cutting the “Forests” of the Southern Ocean
  399. Sea Shepherd Ships Complete Operations in Southern Ocean for 2010
  400. Captain Peter Bethune and Captors Spotted Approaching the Lombok Straits
  401. Bob Barker Confiscates Gill Net, Engages Whalers
  402. Sea Shepherd Does Not Condone the Use of Firearms
  403. Sea Shepherd Update: Bob Barker Continues Pursuit of Japanese Whaling Fleet
  404. Sea Shepherd Pursuit of Whalers Enters 17th Day
  405. Japan Cites Sea Shepherd as Reason for Killing Whales
  406. Sea Shepherd Receives an additional €1 Million Euros from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery
  407. Sea Shepherd Update: Sea Shepherd Ships Fight Heavy Seas In Continued Pursuit of the illegal Japanese Whaling Fleet
  408. Japanese Factory Ship Stopped Dead in the Water
  409. Steve Irwin Launches Croc Assault on the Japanese Whaling Fleet
  410. Japan Takes A Prisoner In their Crusade to Plunder the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  411. Sea Shepherd is Concerned that Captain Bethune Has Been Injured by Japanese Whalers
  412. Sea Shepherd is Concerned that Captain Bethune Has Been Injured by Japanese Whalers
  413. Update: Sea Shepherd Captain Detained Onboard Japanese Whaling Vessel
  414. Captain Pete Bethune Boards Shonan Maru 2 to Arrest Japanese Skipper
  415. Sea Shepherd Update: Valentine’s Day in the Southern Ocean
  416. Captain Paul Watson Demands An Apology From Japan
  417. Japanese Whalers Shoot Themselves in the Face with Pepper Spray
  418. Sea Shepherd Begins Second Week of Shutting Down Illegal Whaling Activities
  419. Five-Hour Battle At the Gateway of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  420. Sea Shepherd Will Not Compromise on the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  421. Sea Shepherd Escorts Whaling Fleet Out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  422. Sea Shepherd Has Shut Down Illegal Japanese Whaling
  423. Bob Barker Rammed by Illegal Whaler
  424. Update: Bob Barker Shuts Down Illegal Whaling
  425. Sea Shepherd Welcomes Dr. Sidney Holt to the Advisory Board
  426. FOUND: Sea Shepherd in Pursuit of Illegal Whalers
  427. Australian Government Urged to Ban Spy Flights
  428. Steve Irwin Rejoins Pursuit of Illegal Whalers
  429. Sea Shepherd Announces Mediterranean Campaign for the Bluefin Tuna
  430. The Cove is the Critics Choice
  431. Ady Gil Captain Attempts to Serve Arrest Warrant to Captain of the Shonan Maru No. 2
  432. The Polls Demonstrate that Sea Shepherd Has the Support of the Australian People
  433. Canada Harnesses Racism to use Anti-democracy Platform to Peddle Seal Pelts, Penises, and Meat
  434. Broken Promises Lead to Broken Boats
  435. McCully Gives Green Light to Japanese Whalers to Kill Kiwi’s
  436. The Busy Little Japanese Kiwi Office of Absurd Propaganda
  437. Rammed Vessel Ady Gil Sinks
  438. Japanese Whalers Ram Sea Shepherd Ship Ady Gil
  439. Sea Shepherd Goes On the Offensive in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  440. Whalers Pose as New Zealand Government Agents to Track Sea Shepherd
  441. The Time is Right for Bob Barker to Rescue the Whales
  442. Sea Shepherd Turns the Tables on the Whalers
  443. Sea Shepherd Evades Pursuit by Japanese Whaling Fleet Security Vessel
  444. Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin Crew Return to the Battle
  445. Ady Gil Experiences Humpback Encounter
  446. Sea Shepherd Offers a Day of Truce to Japan for Christmas
  447. Ady Gil Arrives in Antarctica
  448. Water Cannon Battle In Frigid Seas
  449. Artist Shepard Fairey Supports Sea Shepherd
  450. Steve Irwin Update from Antarctica
  451. Sea Shepherd Receives French Support
  452. Japan Deploys LRAD Against Sea Shepherd Helicopter
  453. Whalers and Whale Defenders Clash for the First Time This Season
  454. Japanese Foreign Minister Confesses to Whale Poaching
  455. Ady Gil Successfully Departs for Antarctica
  456. Sea Shepherd Picks Up a Japanese Tail En Route to Antarctica
  457. Sea Shepherd Captain Tells Japan to Bring It On
  458. The Steve Irwin Departs for Antarctica
  459. Fremantle Honors the Captain and Crew of the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin
  460. Steve Irwin Retains the Dutch Tri-Color
  461. Urgent Reforms Needed of Environmental Criminal Law for Galapagos
  462. Sea Shepherd Improves Radio Communications in Galapagos
  463. The Steve Irwin Docks in Fremantle
  464. Fears, Jeers, Cheers, and Loathing for Sea Shepherd In South Park
  465. Sea Shepherd Demands Action by the Netherlands
  466. Sea Shepherd Unveils the Ady Gil
  467. Sea Shepherd Receives Generous Support in Sydney
  468. The Steve Irwin Arrives in Sydney
  469. The Sea Shepherd Dilemma Down Under
  470. Third Phase of the K9 Project in the Galapagos Completed
  471. Focus on Taiji: pilot whales slaughtered, some dolphins sparednews
  472. Seal Savers Sentenced for “Egregious Crime” of Seeing a Seal Slain
  473. Dr. Alexandra Morton Calls for Canadian Fisheries Minister's Resignation
  474. First Wave of Opposition Hits Taiji Shores
  475. Sea Shepherd Helps Improve Communication Systems in the Galapagos
  476. Major US Shark Fin Trader Sentenced In Federal Court
  477. Sea Shepherd Awarded Coveted 4-Star Charity Rating by Leading Charity Evaluator
  478. Captain Watson Presents David Rastovich at the Waterman’s Ball
  479. Modest Mouse Supports Sea Shepherd with “King Rat” Music Video
  480. Q&A with Captain Watson of The Cove and Sea Shepherd
  481. “King Rat” Modest Mouse Video Directed by Heath Ledger Supports Sea Shepherd
  482. Sea Shepherd Social Networking 101
  483. Assaulted Journalists Convicted for Documenting Seal Slaughter
  484. Geocoin Fundraiser - Buy Now!
  485. Journalists Attacked and Arrested in Namibia for Filming Seal Slaughter
  486. Ian Campbell Calls for Boycott of Japanese Bid for the 2016 Olympics
  487. Take Action: Demand Sammy the Whale Shark’s Freedom!
  488. Alice in LUSH Land Defending the Sharks
  489. Japan Attempts Amendment of Dutch Statutes
  490. Illegal Tuna Fishing Operation Caught in the Galapagos
  491. Sea Shepherd Sets Sights on a Mediterranean Campaign
  492. Canuck Kangaroo Court Condemns Seal Savers
  493. The Issue of Safety at Sea
  494. Double Whammy in the Galapagos: Two Busts in Two Days on Two Islands
  495. Sea Shepherd Announces New Antarctic Research Project
  496. Imagine a World Without Fish
  497. The International Wacky Whaling Commission Gets Underway in Madeira
  498. Oil Spill in the Galapagos, Tourist Boat Runs Aground
  499. Sea Shepherd Victory in the Canadian Courts
  500. New Scientist Condemns So-Called Japanese Research Whaling
  501. Whale Wars Season 2 Premier Wins Top Ranking in the US
  502. Whale Wars Second Season Premieres June 5th
  503. Forty-four False killer whales euthanized in South Africa
  504. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Mollendo Update
  505. Icelandic Harpoon Illegally Kills Its First Whale for 2009
  506. Navy Ship Mollendo Runs Aground in Galapagos Islands
  507. $36,000+ Donated • 38,000+ Petitions Signed • 130+ Media Outlets
  508. Victory for Whale Sharks at Singapore Resort
  509. Remove the Nets: Join the Shark Angels’ Campaign against Shark Nets!
  510. NGO Alliance Looks for Compensation Above R $60 Million for the Illegal Capture of Sharks
  511. United States Senate Condemns the Canadian Seal Slaughter
  512. Sea Shepherd, LUSH, and Canadian Senator Harb Join Forces to End Seal Hunt
  513. It’s Official – The European Seal Bill has Passed!!!!!
  514. Sealing Industry Devastated this Year
  515. Whale Wars Wins Television Academy Award for Television with a Conscience
  516. K9 Project Enters Second Phase in the Galapagos
  517. A Victory for the Sharks: Sea Shepherd Persuades Holista to Cease All Production of Shark Cartilage Products!
  518. Canada Uses Banana Republic Tactics to Avoid Embarrassment at Seal Trial
  519. The Seal Hunt is Dead! Long Live the Seals!
  520. Outlaw Whaling Vessel Scuttled in Norway
  521. Criminals Plan to Slaughter 60 whales off the Coast of Japan
  522. Holista Shark Cartilage Capsules — A Bitter Pill to Swallow
  523. Why Boycott the 2010 Winter Olympics?
  524. Report on Illegal Fishing Vessels Caught Inside the Marine Reserve
  525. Shark Poachers Caught for the Second Time Inside the Galapagos Marine Reserve
  526. Three Hundred and Five Whales Saved by Operation Musashi
  527. Help Alexandra Morton Save the Wild Pacific Salmon
  528. Sea Shepherd Partners with The Underwater Channel To Stop Shark Finning
  529. Sea Shepherd Brazil Launches Shark Defense Campaign
  530. Sea Shepherd Crew Plant 500 Fake Baby Seals on the Ice
  531. Spain Joins the War Against Canada’s Cruel Slaughter of Seals
  532. The Dead Supports Sea Shepherd with Charity Auction
  533. Fisherman Fined for Threatening Sea Shepherd in Tasmania
  534. Kelly Slater Teams Up With Sea Shepherd
  535. Barack Obama Opposes the Slaughter of Seals in Canada
  536. Mohawk Traditional Council Supports the Harb Bill
  537. Sea Shepherd Partnership with LUSH Gains Momentum for the Seals
  538. The Seal Slaughter is Cruel According to Canadian Sealers
  539. Noaa Is On The Right Track With Obama
  540. Sea Shepherd Opposes Proposed Whale Shark Import in Singapore
  541. Canadian Seals Have Reason to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  542. Fishermen Eager to Hide Evidence of Illegal Porpoise Killings
  543. Sea Shepherd Partners with LUSH Cosmetics to Help End Canada’s Commercial Seal Hunt
  544. Taking on the Tsar of All the Oceans
  545. Moderates Harpooned and Sinking At IWC Meeting in Rome
  546. Sea Shepherd Calls For the Resignation of William Hogarth
  547. Sea Shepherd Featured in the Award Winning Documentary 'The Cove'
  548. Russia Bans the Slaughter of Baby Harp Seals
  549. Attention all Canadians – Support the Harb Seal Bill
  550. Notes from the Front on the Tasmanian Pilot Whale Stranding
  551. The Farley Mowat - Let the Buyer Beware!
  552. Suspect Arrested for Threatening to Bomb the Steve Irwin
  553. The Whale-Killing Axis of Evil Openly Engages in Illegal Wildlife Trafficking
  554. Bomb Threat on the Steve Irwin
  555. Whale Rescue Off Tasmania
  556. Tasmania Welcomes the Return of the Steve Irwin to Hobart
  557. Greens Welcome Steve Irwin’s Safe Return to Hobart
  558. Sea Shepherd Granted 2009 Funding from the Dutch Postcode Lottery 'Postcodeloterij'
  559. Australian Federal Police Seize Whale War Videos
  560. The Australian Senate Condemns Japanese Violence
  561. Sea Shepherd Response to Institute for Cetacean Research
  562. Canadian Justice is a Wonderful Thing
  563. Ten Reasons that Operation Musashi Has Been a Success
  564. Sea Shepherd Returns From the Whale Wars
  565. Sea Shepherd Response to the Media Release from the Institute for Cetacean Research
  566. No Whales Killed Today
  567. Sea Shepherd Crew Remain On Guard Behind the Nisshin Maru
  568. Steve Irwin Suffers Second Collision with the Japanese Fleet
  569. Showdown on the Killing Grounds
  570. Confrontation in the Ross Sea Becoming Increasingly Dangerous
  571. Whaling Opponents Collide at Sea
  572. Death in the Ross Sea – Whale Killed by the Japanese Whalers
  573. The Battle for the Whales Turns Ugly in the Ross Sea
  574. The Whale War Continues as Japan Rejects Appeasement Offer
  575. Buy Only Whale Safe Clothing, Toys, and Goods in Great Britain
  576. Japanese Whalers Playing Dangerous Games in the Ross Sea
  577. Sea Shepherd Response to Accusations from Japanese Whalers
  578. Update from the Steve Irwin
  579. Whalers Violently Defend Their Illegal Whaling Operations
  580. Sea Shepherd Relocates the Japanese Whaling Fleet
  581. Sea Shepherd Calls for a Blanket Boycott of Iceland
  582. Icelandic Criminal Whaling Resumes
  583. Where in the World is the Yushin Maru #2
  584. Whale Wars Season 1 a big hit for Animal Planet and Sea Shepherd
  585. Sea Shepherd Returns to the Southern Ocean for the Whales
  586. Sea Shepherd Campaign Appeal - Operation Musashi
  587. Sea Shepherd Urges Australia to Take Legal Action against Japanese Whalers
  588. Medal for Courage Given to Hannah Mighall
  589. Sea Shepherd Invites Environment Minister Peter Garrett to Visit the Steve Irwin
  590. A Great Victory for the Whales in Indonesia
  591. Japanese Whalers Lie to Indonesian Officials
  592. The War for the Whales Erupts in Indonesia
  593. Japanese Harpooner Feels the Heat in East Java
  594. Japanese Harpoon Vessel Forced North for Repairs
  595. Japanese Anti-boarding Measures Revealed
  596. Japanese Whalers Sacrifice Honour in Attempt to Demonize Sea Shepherd
  597. Sea Shepherd Joins Search for Missing Japanese Whaler
  598. Meet the Save the Whale 'Terrorists'
  599. Will Peter Garrett Ban the Steve Irwin from Oz?
  600. Sea Shepherd Responds to Japanese Whaling Industry Propaganda
  601. Sea Shepherd to Return to Land to Refuel
  602. Japan Contemptuously Dismisses Australian Concerns for the Whales
  603. Canadian Government Desperately Seeks to Avoid Seal Product Ban
  604. Sea Shepherd Drives Japanese Whalers Out of Australia’s Waters
  605. Sea Shepherd Clashes With Whaling Fleet in Australian Waters
  606. Sea Shepherd Struggles to Free Ship from Heavy Ice Conditions
  607. Sea Shepherd Battles Monster Seas and Dangerous Ice Conditions in Pursuit of the Japanese Whaling Fleet
  608. Brazilian Waters Declared a Safe Sanctuary for Whales and Dolphins
  609. Whale Wars Finale Ends as Whale Wars Two Begins
  610. Japanese Whaling Fleet Is On the Run
  611. Sea Shepherd Finds and Engages the Japanese Whaling Fleet!!!!
  612. Canadian Government Demands Captain Paul Watson’s Resignation
  613. A Brief and Pleasant Stop in Newcastle
  614. Sea Shepherd is Undeterred by Japanese Threats
  615. Report from Madagascar
  616. Sea Shepherd Crew Heading South to Defend the Whales
  617. Canadian Justice Eh
  618. Australian Senate Wants Immediate Action on Whaling
  619. Captain Paul Watson Responds to Greenpeace Quotes in International Herald Tribune
  620. Japanese Defenses on Whaling Are Cracking
  621. Scott West Takes His Case to the Wall Street Journal
  622. Japanese whale killers have left for the Whale Sanctuary
  623. Whale Wars is a Hit With 3.6 Million Viewers
  624. Captain Paul Watson to Open Steve Irwin Day on November 15th
  625. Whale Wars Airs Tonight in the USA
  626. Sea Shepherd’s Scott West Begins to Rock the Boat
  627. Greenpeace Surrenders to the Japanese Whaling Fleet
  628. Sea Shepherd Hires Retired U.S. Federal Agent Scott West To Head Up Criminal Investigations
  629. Just Say No to Farm Raised Salmon
  630. Japanese Whaling Supply Ship Found Guilty of Conservation Violations
  631. Sea Shepherd Still Requires Conditions for the Release of the Farley Mowat
  632. Captain Paul Watson Responds to the Accusations from the Japanese Institute for Cetacean Research’s Media Release
  633. Japan May Resort to Gunboat Diplomacy in Antarctic Waters
  634. The Whale Warriors is now Available in Italian
  635. Good News - The Shark Killers at Yahoo take a Financial Beating
  636. Sea Shepherd Helps Establish Permanent Base at Darwin and Wolf
  637. Sea Shepherd Prepares to Take on Japanese Whalers Alone This Year
  638. Five Found Innocent of the “Despicable” Crime of Observing the Murder of Seals in Canada
  639. A Whale for the Caring
  640. Canada Busts Notorious Swordfish Killer
  641. Animal Planet Follows the Crew of Sea Shepherd in the new TV Series, Whale Wars
  642. Exotic Control Program in the Galapagos
  643. Sea Shepherd Calls for a Twenty Year Closure of the Grand Banks
  644. IWC Star Chamber* to Decide the Fate of the World’s Whales
  645. At The Edge of the World Premieres at the Toronto Film Festival
  646. LUSH and Sea Shepherd Launch Global Anti-Shark-Finning Campaign: Alice Newstead Hung by Actual Shark Hooks in Protest of the Slaughter
  647. Pirate for the Sea – A Hit at the Telluride Film Festival
  648. Sea Shepherd Film Has World Premiere at the Telluride Film Festival
  649. Japanese Government Prepares Special Anti-Sea Shepherd Laws
  650. Ecological Reality Catches Up With Norwegian Whalers
  651. LUSH and Sea Shepherd Launch Partnership Campaign to Protect Sharks
  652. Operation Musashi Heats Up Over Antarctic Whaling
  653. Sea Shepherd Applauds Greenpeace Aquatic Rock Garden
  654. Lush and Sea Shepherd team-up for global campaign against shark fishing industry
  655. Whaling Under Attack in Japan by Former Japanese Whalers
  656. Sea Shepherd Issues Arrest Order for the Japanese Whaling Fleet
  657. V Day for Seals in Europe
  658. European Parliamentarian Caroline Lucas Champions the Seals
  659. Japanese Whalers Using Humpbacks To Blackmail the International Whaling Commission
  660. Europeans To Rule on Seal Product Ban this Month
  661. Sea Shepherd Officers Plead Not Guilty In Canadian Court
  662. The Great Canadian White Lie
  663. Whale Killers Jailed
  664. Hakkasan Drops Shark Fin Soup from the Menu
  665. 2008-2009 Whale Defense Campaign: Operation Musashi
  666. It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief Says Greenpeace
  667. Sea Shepherd Prepares to Mount a Major Offensive Against Whaling
  668. Europe Unites to Defend the Whales
  669. Sea Shepherd Offers the Olive Branch to Greenpeace Once Again
  670. The Viking Samurai Smuggling Connection: The Japanese Icelandic Norwegian Cartel of Conservation Crime
  671. Australian Greens Suggest that the Government Fund Sea Shepherd to Save the Whales
  672. Viking and Samurai Whale Killers Defy International Law
  673. Queensland Ozzie Politicians Plan Shark Attack
  674. Apology to the Center for Biological Diversity
  675. How much is a Whale Worth? $20 Bucks According to the Makah Tribal Court
  676. Polar Bears Win Protection at the Eleventh Hour
  677. Japan To Use Military Space Technology to Help Kill Whales
  678. The Tar Baby Farley Gets Stickier
  679. New Zealand Surrenders to the Whalers; Australia Likely to Follow Sea Shepherd Will Fight On!
  680. Smelly Fishy Business in the Galapagos
  681. Sea Shepherd Offers $10,000 for Sea Lion Killers
  682. Sea Shepherd to Bill $1000.00 a Day for the Farley Mowat
  683. Norwegian Pirates Begin Killing Again
  684. Fishing Company Guilty on 1st Degree, Sea Shepherd Brazil Turns Up The Heat
  685. Canada Fidgets and Fudges on Polar Bear Protection
  686. Sea Shepherd Sets Conditions for the Release of the Farley Mowat
  687. The National Post Exposes the Truth About the Economics of the Seal Slaughter
  688. Brazilian Federal Court Rules Unanimously in Sea Shepherd’s Favor in Historic Decision
  689. Sea Shepherd Featured in New York Times
  690. Newfoundland Wants to Ban the Symbol of Slaughter
  691. Farley Mowat Pays Pirates Ransom to Free Sea Shepherd Captain and Mate
  692. Watson Challenges Hearn to a Debate
  693. Japan Acknowledges Sea Shepherd’s Defense of the Whales
  694. Canadian Mounties Seize the Sea Shepherd vessel Farley Mowat
  695. Seal Defenders Attacked! The Farley Mowat Has Been Illegally Stormed and the Crew Assaulted
  696. Hysterical Hearn Hatefully Harasses Harp Seal Heroes
  697. Whale Killers Convicted for Killing Gray Whale
  698. Farley Mowat Continues to Shadow Sealing Ships
  699. Loyola Hearn Proves to be a Dunce on Strategy
  700. Canada Violates French Territorial Waters to Spy on Sea Shepherd
  701. Farley Mowat Attacked by Mob of Angry Fishermen
  702. Seal Slaughter Suspended for a Week
  703. Hearn is Spinning a Tangled Web of Lies to Defend Government Incompetence
  704. Sea Shepherd Responds to DFO Spin Doctors
  705. Sea Shepherd Crew Defy Canada’s Ban on Documenting the Slaughter
  706. Canadian Coast Guard Rams Farley Mowat
  707. Canadian Government Irresponsibility Kills Four Sealers
  708. Canada Places Sea Shepherd ship Farley Mowat Under Surveillance
  709. Sea Shepherd Founder and President Captain Paul Watson Responds to Canadian Minister of Fisheries Loyola Hearn
  710. Captain Paul Watson Receives Wildlife Warrior Award
  711. Sea Shepherd Moves North to Protect Seals
  712. Canada Orders Sea Shepherd to Stay Away from the Baby Seal Slaughter
  713. Sea Shepherds Home from the Sea
  714. Sea Shepherd To Tackle The New Improved “Bash And Slash” Baby Killers Of Canada
  715. Sea Shepherd Heads Home As Whaling Season Comes To A Close
  716. Sea Shepherd Crew Head South In Search Of Harpoons
  717. Japanese Open Fire on Sea Shepherd Crew: Three Injured
  718. Japanese Scramble to Spin Shooting Story
  719. Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson Survives Shooting Attempt in Antarctica
  720. Sea Shepherd Deploys K-9 Unit to the Galapagos
  721. Sea Shepherd Supports Responsible Shark Diving
  722. Sea Shepherd's Non-Toxic, Organic, Non-Violent Response to Whale Killers
  723. Whales Frolic in Peace around the Cetacean Death Ship
  724. Sea Shepherd Ship Steve Irwin Engages Japanese Factory Ship Nisshin Maru In Whale Sanctuary
  725. Sea Shepherd Aussie Crew Prepared to Be Taken as Prisoners to Japan
  726. Sea Shepherd Announces Seal Defense Campaign 2008!
  727. Sea Shepherd Receives Message From the Australian Government
  728. Tragedy Occurs During Shark Dive: Shark Angels Express their Condolences
  729. Sea Shepherd Chases Japanese Fleet Out of Australian Waters
  730. Documenting the Endangered Fish Killers off the Antarctic Coast
  731. The Japanese Whalers are On the Run Again
  732. Hot Pursuit in a Frozen Sea
  733. Captain Paul Watson Responds to the Australian Federal Police
  734. A Warrant to Intervene: Sea Shepherd Intends to Enforce the Australian Federal Court Order
  735. Norway Declares Death Sentence for 1052 Whales
  736. Sea Shepherd Requests a Warrant from the Australian Government
  737. Japanese Whalers on the Ropes Financially
  738. Sea Shepherd Defeats the Planktos Ocean Dumping Scheme
  739. Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Migaloo II
  740. Sea Shepherd Selected as a Beneficiary by Dutch Zip Code Lottery
  741. Japanese Whalers Documented Killing Whales by Australian Government
  742. Japanese Whalers Documented Killing Whales by Australian Government
  743. Sea Shepherd Getting Ready to Return to the Whale Wars
  744. Sea Shepherd Crew Anxious to Return to the Battle in the Southern Oceans
  745. Sea Shepherd Ship the Steve Irwin Returns to Melbourne to Refuel And Re-Provision
  746. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Needs Your Help to Return to the Southern Oceans to Defend the Whales from Illegal Japanese Whalers
  747. Poisoned Dolphin Meat Threatens Japanese School Children
  748. Sea Shepherd Being Pursued by Armed Japanese Coast Guard
  749. Sea Shepherd Forced to Return to Australia
  750. Sea Shepherd and the Steve Irwin Prepared to Return to Save Whales
  751. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Update
  752. Greenpeace Protects Japanese Whalers from Sea Shepherd
  753. Japanese Whalers Continue to Flee Eastward
  754. Operation Migaloo Gets the Attention of the Japanese Prime Minister
  755. New Zealand Airforce Refuses Assistance to Whale Defenders
  756. Sea Shepherd Critical of Greenpeace Failure to Stop Re-fueling
  757. Steve Irwin Bushwhacks Japanese Spy Ship
  758. A Hot Crowded Pursuit in Cold Lonely Waters
  759. Sea Shepherd Tailed By Japanese Mystery Ship
  760. Japanese Poachers Release Sea Shepherd Hostages
  761. Lack of Cooperation May Kill the Whales
  762. Sea Shepherd Shuts Down Antarctic Whale Hunt
  763. Japanese Whalers Make Demands for Return of Hostages
  764. Sea Shepherd Crew Continue to Be Held Hostage by Japan
  765. Sea Shepherd Crew Remain Hostages On The Japanese Whaling Ship
  766. Japanese Whalers holding two Sea Shepherd crew members hostage on whaling ship
  767. Japanese Whalers Kidnap Two Sea Shepherd Whale Defenders
  768. Japanese Whaling Fleet On the Run With Two Sea Shepherd Hostages
  769. Sea Shepherd is Engaging the Japanese Fleet
  770. Black Market Whale Meat Seized in South Korea
  771. Whalers Admit They Are Running from Sea Shepherd
  772. Cowardly Whalers Running Scared Out of the Whale Sanctuary
  773. Sea Shepherd Joins the Chase for the Whalers
  774. Bermudians Deliver a Strong Message to Japan
  775. Sea Shepherd is Moving In On the Japanese Whaling Fleet
  776. Standing Up for the Whales in Bermuda
  777. Captain Paul Watson Selected as One of the 50 People who can Save the Planet
  778. Ian Campbell Joins the Sea Shepherd Advisory Board
  779. Australian Government Assisting Whalers?
  780. The Hunt for the Killers Resumes
  781. The Australian Government Is Betraying the Whales
  782. U.S. Government Backing Pirate Whalers in Antarctica
  783. Temporary Victory For Migaloo
  784. Steve Irwin to Make Quick "Pit Stop" in Melbourne
  785. Sea Shepherd Offers Helicopter Support to Greenpeace
  786. Sea Shepherd Responds to Australian Government: "Enforce The Bloody Laws, Mate"
  787. Sea Shepherd Urges Night Club to Release Captive Sharks
  788. Captain Paul Watson calls on the New Australian Government to Act for the Whales
  789. Bermuda Newspapers Report on Sea Shepherd
  790. Sea Shepherd ship Farley Mowat Arrives in Bermuda
  791. Sea Shepherd Renames Its Whale Defending Ship the Steve Irwin
  792. Shark Angels Expedition a Resounding Success
  793. Political Victory for the Whales
  794. Open Appeal to Greenpeace for Cooperation to Save Whales
  795. The Whale Killers Are On the Way
  796. Sea Shepherd Will Not Ram Any Japanese Ships
  797. Australian based Maori Musician Mihirangi Prepares to Head South to Defend the Whales
  798. Shark Angels Arrive In The Bahamas
  799. Japan Targets Migaloo?
  800. Planktos Ship Appears in Bermuda
  801. Call To Action: Futo Dolphins In Immediate Danger!!
  802. Sea Shepherd Perth Hosts Captain Watson's Weekend Visit in Western Australia
  803. Surfers Return To Taiji And Expose Pilot Whale Slaughter
  804. Surfers Take Action for Dolphins
  805. Sea Shepherd Successfully Broke the Ice in California
  806. Robert Hunter Damage Repaired
  807. Sea Shepherd Brazil Launches Operation Silent Hurricane
  808. Norwegian Whaling Vessel's Career is Finished
  809. Greenpeace Calls for Kangaroo Slaughter
  810. Japanese Government Rejects Petitions and Refuses Meeting
  811. Sea Shepherd and The Economist
  812. Yahoo! Invests in Shark Finning
  813. Sea Shepherd Board Member Persia White Will Hold Press Conference in Tokyo
  814. Japanese Incompetence Kills Another Whaler
  815. Campaign Begins in Tokyo for the Dolphins and Children of Japan
  816. Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Migaloo to Defend Whales in Antarctic Whale Sanctuary
  817. The Makah Tribe Must Be Denied a Permit to Kill Whales
  818. Five Makah Whalers Arrested for Torturing and Killing a Whale
  819. Captain Watson On 60 Minutes Australia Sunday September 9
  820. Salmon Farmers Driven out of British Columbia
  821. Sunken Whaler Was a Cruel Killer
  822. Norwegian Whaler Sunk
  823. Dolphin Massacre in Macapá Unmasked: Pressure against IBAMA Continues
  824. Sea Shepherd Re-Organizes Efforts to Protect Seals in Southern Africa
  825. Iceland Officially Cancels Whaling Operations for the Next Year
  826. Sea Shepherd Ship Farley Mowat Arrives in Bermuda
  827. Operation Ragnarök Stands Down and Remains on Guard
  828. Planktos is a No Show in the Galapagos
  829. Fighting For What is Right for the People in Ecuador
  830. Open Letter to the President of Ecuador
  831. Sharkwater Wins Best Foreign Film in South Africa
  832. The Galapagos Needs President Correa to Speak Up for Sea Shepherd Director Sean O'Hearn-Gimenez and the Sharks
  833. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director Freed
  834. Shark Fin Scandal Explodes in Ecuador: Sea Shepherd Director Illegally Ousted
  835. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director Sean O'Hearn-Gimenez Arrested in Ecuador
  836. Hawaiian Super Ferry New Threat to Whales
  837. Taiji Dolphin Killers May Be Dumbest People in World
  838. Does President Bush Hate Whales?
  839. Fisherman Busted for Lethal Assault on Innocent Female Sea Lion
  840. Canadian Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Government Incompetence
  841. Mexico Accuses Canada of Unlawful Failure to Protect Seals
  842. Project Protect Sea Cucumbers - Report from the Field
  843. Sea Shepherd Calls for Action by Brazilian Authorities to Punish Dolphin Killers
  844. Operation Aquatic Iron Dust Storm
  845. Sea Shepherd Signs Historic Agreement with the Government of Ecuador to Protect the Galapagos
  846. Captain Watson Receives the Amazon Peace Prize
  847. Sea Shepherd Investigates Galapagos Tortoise Killers
  848. Sea Shepherd Investigation Leads to Indictment of Mangrove Destroying Mayor
  849. Sea Shepherd Joins Forces with the Seal Whisperer of Seal Alert
  850. Sea Shepherd Receives the Flag of the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy
  851. Sea Shepherd Receives the Flag of the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy
  852. Sea Shepherd Seizes Massive Illegal Longline in the Galapagos
  853. Sea Shepherd Busts Sea Cucumber Poachers in Ecuador
  854. Galapagos Islands Listed as a World Heritage Site in Danger
  855. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Sting Results in Seizure of Over 18,000 Shark Fins
  856. Sea Shepherd Galapagos Unveils Investigation of Political Corruption
  857. Sea Shepherd Responds to Canadian Fisheries & Oceans Minister's Hypocritical Call to Celebrate Our Oceans
  858. Whales Win, Japan Loses at CITES
  859. The IWC (Irrational Wacky Comedy) Meeting
  860. Sea Shepherd Honored by Recognition from International Whaling Commission
  861. IWC Meeting Report - Day Two
  862. Teens Against Whaling Speak Out for the Whales
  863. Japan Seeks Special IWC Resolution Against Sea Shepherd
  864. Captain Paul Watson to Attend the IWC Meeting in Anchorage
  865. Sea Shepherd Applauds the Labour and Green Parties of Oz
  866. The Gray Whale is in Danger - Yet the Killing Continues
  867. Australia May Get Tough with Pirate Whalers
  868. Hong Kong Hospitals Give Aid And Comfort To The World's Sharks
  869. Sea Shepherd to Shut Down Illegal Whaling in Iceland
  870. Ecuador Will Join the International Whaling Commission This Year
  871. Austria Gives Full Support to the Seals
  872. Canada - the Errand Boy and Welfare Provider for Sealers
  873. Sealer Admits Killing Seals for Fun
  874. Over a Dozen Sealing ships Lost in the Ice
  875. Neptune's Rage Ravishes Sealers in Crushing Ice
  876. Sealing Boat Sunk in Newfoundland
  877. Weather Helps Baby Seals on the Labrador Front
  878. Canada Begins Their Extermination of the Seals
  879. Japanese Whaling Fleet Returns Home in Disgrace
  880. Sharkwater Film Release in Canada - Filmmaker Documents Sea Shepherd & Sharks
  881. Call off the Butcher from Newfoundland
  882. A Monumental Effort for the Seals
  883. The Case for the Seals
  884. Let the Annual Canadian Persecutions Begin!
  885. Greenpeace Eats Whales to "Save" Them
  886. Cities of Casey & Melbourne Receive the Sea Shepherd Crew with Honors
  887. Captain Paul Watson at Sharkwater Screening
  888. Australia Denounces Illegal Icelandic Whaling
  889. The Death Star Returns to the Land of the Rising Sun
  890. Australia Welcomes Back Antarctic Whale Defenders
  891. How We Destroyed the Nisshin Maru
  892. Greenpeace Eats Whales to "Save" Them
  893. Japanese Negligence Threatens Antarctic Ecosystem
  894. Japanese Whalers Shut Down By Their Own Folly
  895. Sea Shepherd Begins Return from Antarctica
  896. Who Rammed Whom?
  897. Sea Shepherd Makes Agreement with NZ Conservation Minister
  898. Sea Shepherd Saves Whale Pod from Whalers
  899. It's About the Whales!
  900. The Times, London, Corrects Error
  901. Walk the Walk, Mr. Carter, Don't just Talk the Talk
  902. Japanese Claims of Injuries are Bogus
  903. The London Times Gets It Wrong
  904. Japanese Whaling Fleet Forced to Run from Sea Shepherd
  905. Sea Shepherd's Whale Saving Crew are Rescued
  906. Whalers Activities Disrupted by Sea Shepherd
  907. New Zealand Air Force Spotted Japanese Whalers but Won't Release Location of the Fleet
  908. $25,000 Reward for Japanese Whalers' Coordinates
  909. Canadian Government Confusion Exposes Incompetence
  910. Captain Paul Watson Responds to Tets Kimura's Op-Ed Piece in the Melbourne Age
  911. Australia Shuts Ports to Japanese Whalers
  912. Japanese Threaten to Attack the Sea Shepherd Flagship Farley Mowat
  913. Captain Watson Replies to Australian Senator
  914. Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Leviathan with New Ship Robert Hunter
  915. Pirates of Compassion Sail into Hostile Waters
  916. Sea Shepherd Calls for a Ban of’s Listings Supporting the Shark Fin Trade
  917. Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Leviathan with Flagship Farley Mowat
  918. Boys Will be Boys, Even When They Are Eco-Terrorists
  919. Whole Foods Market Bans Icelandic Fish
  920. Sea Shepherd Will Investigate the Potential for the "Big Splash"
  921. We’ve Lost Another Cetacean Species
  922. Captain Watson Awarded the Kindness Trust Gold Medal for Humanitarian Service
  923. Australian Minister of the Environment Supports Sea Shepherd Antarctic Campaign
  924. Sea Shepherd Teams Up With Lonely Planet to Save the Whales
  925. Sea Shepherd Applauds New Aussie Naval Rules of Engagement
  926. Norway Sentences 1,052 Whales to Death
  927. Sea Shepherd to File Appeal on Seal Slaughter Case
  928. The Slaughter of the Gentle and the Innocent in the Ferocious Isles
  929. Sea Shepherd Calls for Worldwide Commercial Fishing Ban
  930. The Dying Oceans - Nations Refuse to Implement Change
  931. South African Kite and Wind Surfers Rally to Support Sea Shepherd
  932. Sea Shepherd to Investigate the Effects of Global Warming on the Southern Oceans
  933. Sea Shepherd Champion Becomes Victoria's Australian of the Year
  934. Sea Shepherd Demands Abolition of Polar Bear Hunting
  935. Japanese Pirate Whalers Preparing for Departure for Antarctica
  936. Japanese Whalers Murder 35 Piked Whales
  937. Pilots and Jet Owners Bypass Iceland for the Whales
  938. Sea Shepherd Prediction on Seafood Collapse Given Scientific Validation
  939. Sea Shepherd Welcomes International Intervention Against Iceland
  940. Sea Shepherd Partners with World Wildlife Fund to Protect the Galapagos
  941. Harp Seals May Be Extinct in Two Decades
  942. Germany Bans All Seal Products
  943. Sea Shepherd Calls on Total Boycott of Iceland
  944. Iceland Murders Its First Endangered Whale
  945. Annual Dolphin Slaughter Begins in Japan
  946. Iceland Becomes Rogue Whaling Nation Again
  947. Tell Whole Foods Market to Say No to Chilean Sea Bass
  948. Canadian Seafood Boycott IS Hurting Newfoundland
  949. Canadian Green Party Re-Affirms Opposition to the Seal Slaughter
  950. Canada Refuses to Ban Bottom Trawling
  951. Green Party of Canada Must Stay the Course for the Seals
  952. The Return of the Walls of Death
  953. Canada Abuses Power to Defend the Seal Slaughter
  954. Action Needed to Ban High Sea Bottom Trawling
  955. Sea Shepherd Offers Reward for Scottish Seal Killers
  956. Europe May Soon Seal the Fate of the Seal Slaughter
  957. Anti-Sealing Pressure May Force the Banning of the Vicious Hakapik
  958. Sea Shepherd Launches “Operation Leviathan” to Defend Whales
  959. The Film Sharkwater is a Hit at the Toronto Film Festival
  960. Canadian Fisheries Minister Declares War on Seal Defenders
  961. Seal Product Ban Proposal Adopted by the European Parliament
  962. Canadian Fisheries Minister Insults World War II Veterans with Insensitive Plea to Europeans to Support Seal Slaughter
  963. Cursed Makah Whaling Canoe Retired
  964. Sea Shepherd Advisory Board Member Elected Leader of the Canadian Green Party
  965. Four Canadian Sealers Convicted
  966. Japanese Poacher Killed in Russian Waters
  967. Japan Plundering the Oceans of Tuna
  968. Seal Alert Appeals to CITES to Take Action for South African Seals
  969. Only Four Months Until Outlaw Japanese Whaling Fleet Departs for Antarctica
  970. Sea Shepherd Appeals to USCG for Help with Major Lebanese Oil Spill
  971. NBA Star Yao Ming Swears Off Shark Fin Soup
  972. Actress Persia White Joins Sea Shepherd's Board of Directors
  973. Japanese Whalers Target Pregnant Whales
  974. Sea Shepherd Flagship Farley Mowat to Arrive in Melbourne July 25, 2006
  975. Japanese Bribery Revealed – Sea Shepherd Charges Yakusa Connection with Whaling
  976. Sea Shepherd Receives Honors from Western Australia
  977. Farley Mowat Arrives in Oz – Sea Shepherd’s flagship dock in Fremantle
  978. Sea Shepherd Enforcement Vessel Arrives in Western Australia
  979. DeBeers Pledges Support for the Seals
  980. Re-Paying Jonah’s Debt to the Whale
  981. Temporary Reprieve for Hawaii’s Marine Wildlife
  982. Ending the Namibian Seal Harvest
  983. Letter to the President of the United States of America
  984. The Power of One Can End the Killing of the Whales
  985. The Whaling Games End in St. Kitts
  986. South African Authorities Say They are “Done” with Farley Mowat
  987. How the IWC Nations Are Voting
  988. Japan Fails In Effort To Abolish The Southern Ocean Sanctuary
  989. Japan Fails to Take Control of the IWC
  990. Sea Shepherd Ship Escapes from South Africa
  991. Loyola’s Folly May Doom the Cod
  992. Japan Declares Bloody War on the Whales
  993. Sea Shepherd Aerial Campaign Against Costco
  994. Japan to Murder 260 Whales in the North Pacific this Summer
  995. Canadian Seafood Boycott is Beginning to Really Hurt the Seal Killers
  996. Captain Paul Watson Interview on CBC National Radio
  997. Hail Britannia – God Save the Seals!
  998. Sea Shepherd Urges New Zealand to Withdraw Aid from Pro-Whaling Nations
  999. Former Vice-Chair of the International Whaling Commission Joins Sea Shepherd Board
  1000. Sea Shepherd Welcomes Raquel Molina as the New Director of the Galapagos National
  1001. Sea Shepherd Calls for Abolishment of Polar Bear Hunting
  1002. Costco goes Political and Endorses the Slaughter of Baby Seals
  1003. Madame Baby Seal Killer Wants to Rule Canada
  1004. Israel Joins the Ranks of the Whale Defenders
  1005. Costco Sealgate – Report from the Field
  1006. Criminal Norwegian Whalers Dismiss World Opinion
  1007. Costco Replies to Customer Complaints About Selling Baby Seal Oil Capsules - and Sea Shepherd's Rebuttal
  1008. Seals Win Some Protection in La Jolla, California
  1009. Canadian Doofus Department Responsible for Massive Salmon Kill
  1010. Driving the Message Home to Costco – Don’t Sell Products from the Seal Slaughter
  1011. Sierra Club Director Paul Watson Resigns to Protest Hunting Prize
  1012. Ecuador Takes Action on Population Pressure in the Galapagos
  1013. Seal Defenders Escape the Fury of the Mob
  1014. Seal Defenders Under Assault in Quebec
  1015. Norwegian Killers Begin to Stalk 1052 Whales
  1016. Sea Shepherd Featured in May Edition of Outside Magazine
  1017. Seal Wars! The Second Report from the Frontlines of the Seal Slaughter
  1018. Costco Cannot Be Trusted – Sea Shepherd Calls for an International Boycott
  1019. Cathy Kangas Offers Canada $16 Million to End Seal Hunt
  1020. Pamela Anderson Delivers for the Seals
  1021. Nissui Surrenders to Anti-Whalers
  1022. Seal Wars! – Report from the Frontlines
  1023. Sea Shepherd Lifts Boycott of Global Green Awards
  1024. Costco Makes Business Decision - Good News for the Seals
  1025. Croatia Bans the Import of Seal Pelts
  1026. Canada Gives Green Light for Sealers to Violently Oppose Seal Defenders
  1027. Seal “Hunt” Report - Take Action!
  1028. Hot Blood in Frigid Waters - The Barbarous Slaughter Has Begun
  1029. Bardot Returns
  1030. Report from the Streets of L.A. on the Demonstration for the Seals
  1031. Inuit Politicians Speak Out as Pawns of the Canadian Government
  1032. Bottom Trawling Banned on the West Coast of the United States
  1033. Beatle Power Overwhelms Defender of Seal Slaughter
  1034. Overwhelming Public Support for the McCartneys' Visit to the Seals
  1035. Paul McCartney Joins Brigitte Bardot, Martin Sheen, and other Seal Lovers
  1036. Captain Watson Invited for Meeting at the West Australian Parliament
  1037. Canadian Government Encouraged Criminals to Kill Seals
  1038. Sadistic Outlaw Sealers Massacre 220 Gray Seals
  1039. Trader Joe's Joins the Boycott of Canadian Seafood for the Seals
  1040. Galapagos Update
  1041. Great Britain to Join the "Save the Seals" Camp
  1042. Greenpeace to Abandon Whales in Antarctica – Sea Shepherd Will Battle Whalers Alone in Antarctica in 2006/2007
  1043. Canadian National Newspaper Editorial Condemns the Canadian Seal Slaughter
  1044. Sea Shepherd Featured in Worldwide Reuters Story – Japan Admits that Sea Shepherd’s Intervention Will Affect Their Whale Kill Quota
  1045. Grey Seal Slaughter Begins off of Nova Scotia
  1046. Canadian Seal Slaughter Condemned In the British Parliament
  1047. Sea Shepherd Leader One of the World’s Top Eco Warriors
  1048. Sea Shepherd Featured on South Africa’s 50/50
  1049. Sea Shepherd Applauds Australia’s Aggressive Policy on Illegal Fishing
  1050. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Calls for Listing of the Polar Bear as Threatened
  1051. New Captain of the Farley Mowat – Alex Cornelissen
  1052. Sea Shepherd to Take South African Bureaucrats to Court
  1053. Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign Update
  1054. Creative Captivity in Cape Town
  1055. "Slaughter Stalker" – Captain Watson's Article Printed in the Guardian Online
  1056. Sea Shepherds in Bureaucratland – The Farley Mowat Struggles with the Slime of Red Tape in Cape Town
  1057. How Many More Whales Must Japan Kill to Find Out What They Already Know They Eat?
  1058. Sea Shepherd Whale Defenders Arrive in South Africa to be Featured in a Major Motion Picture
  1059. Fifty Days at Sea for the Whales
  1060. In Memoriam – British Member of Parliament Tony Banks
  1061. Greenpeace Ends Antarctic Whale Campaign
  1062. Sea Shepherd Confiscates Uruguayan Toothfish Longline off Antarctic Coast
  1063. Farley Mowat Out of the Danger Zone – Headed for Cape Town
  1064. Canada Dismisses Charges Against Captain Paul Watson
  1065. 17 Nations Denounce Japanese Whaling Activities in the Southern Oceans
  1066. Sea Shepherd Wins Victory for the Seals in Canadian Court
  1067. Australian Broadcasting Corporation Report on the Whaling Controversy in the Southern Oceans
  1068. Sea Shepherd Forced to Retreat from Whaling Grounds for Fuel
  1069. Taking Guidance from Martin Luther King
  1070. Sea Shepherd Willing to Withdraw in Return for Action from Governments
  1071. Confrontations Are Impacting the Japanese Quota
  1072. Sea Shepherd Continues to Pursue Pirate Whalers - No Whales killed for the Last Three Days
  1073. Japanese Whaling Fleet on the Run Again – 48 Hours Without Whaling
  1074. Sea Shepherd Sideswipes Japanese Whaling Supply Ship
  1075. Sea Shepherd Being Monitored by the Office of U.S. Naval Intelligence
  1076. Sea Shepherd Scares Off Japanese Whaling Fleet
  1077. Canadian Seal Products Disgust Inuit Sealers – Greenland Bans Canadian Seal Pelts
  1078. Reprieve for the Sturgeons – Worldwide Ban on Wild Caviar Imposed
  1079. Update from the Farley Mowat in Antarctic Waters - 11 Days No Whales Killed
  1080. More Wrong off the Press – Sea Shepherd Demands an Apology and a Retraction from Het Nieuwsblad and the Guardian Newspapers
  1081. Japanese Fleet Once Again Violates the Antarctic Treaty
  1082. Wrong Off the Press - Sea Shepherd Corrects Guardian UK Article
  1083. Update from the Farley Mowat – Somewhere Off the Coast of Antarctica
  1084. Report from the Farley Mowat with Letter to Australian Senator
  1085. Japanese Warship Enroute to Defend Whalers?
  1086. Victory in the Galapagos – Longlining in the Galapagos is Banned
  1087. Confessions of a Modern Southern Oceans Pirate
  1088. Captain Paul Watson Responds to the Director-General of the Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research
  1089. Merry Christmas to the Greenpeace crew from the Sea Shepherd Crew
  1090. Sea Shepherd Intercepts Japanese Whaling Fleet
  1091. The Whaling Debate Heats Up in Antarctica (2)
  1092. Cowardly Pirate Whalers Flee from the Whaling Grounds - The Sea Shepherd ship Farley Mowat is in Hot Pursuit
  1093. Sea Shepherd Calls on Australia to Uphold the Law
  1094. The Struggle to Save the Taiji Dolphins Continues
  1095. Voyage of the Sea Shepherd ship Farley Mowat In Search of Outlaw Killers in a Sanctuary for Whales
  1096. In Memory of Richard Pryor
  1097. Canadian Courts Rule that Profits Take Precedence Over the Rights of Citizens
  1098. Reward Offered for Location of Japanese Whaling Fleet
  1099. Whale Killers and Whale Defenders on a Collision Course
  1100. Sea Shepherd Applauds Canadians
  1101. Hope For Anti-Sealers, Canadian Minister Forced To Resign
  1102. Honoring a Makah Heroine – Alberta Thompson
  1103. In Memory of Tim Carr
  1104. Sea Shepherd Disputes Former Board Member's Views
  1105. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Embarks on a Study of Business Efforts to Stop Destruction of Nature in the Galapagos
  1106. The Passing of a Pioneer of Compassion - Peter Klaus Lust
  1107. Dr. Daniel Pauly Wins Cosmos Prize for Fish Conservation Studies
  1108. The Perils and Pleasures of Pitcairn Island
  1109. Henderson Island Report from Captain Paul Watson
  1110. Reward Offered for Information on Australian Shark Killers
  1111. Sea Shepherd Discovers Japanese Long Line Fleet Pillaging the Seas of South East Polynesia
  1112. Seals Win Brief Reprieve at LaJolla
  1113. The Lobster is Red from Embarrassment
  1114. Feds Give Authorization to San Diego to Wipe Out the Seals in La Jolla, California
  1115. Costa Rican Shark Hunter Slips Into Galapagos Under the U.S. Flag
  1116. Sea Shepherd Report to Makah Hearing October 11th
  1117. Criminal Tourists Plundering the Galapagos
  1118. Man Charged With Using Puppies for Shark Bait in Reunion
  1119. Makah Whaling Could Set a Dangerous Precedent
  1120. Pombo Bill Would Rip the Heart Out of the Endangered Species Act
  1121. Farley Mowat Crew Battles Oil Spill in the Galapagos
  1122. Sea Shepherd Launches Precedent-Setting Court Challenge on Legality of the Annual Canadian Seal Slaughter
  1123. Letter to IFAW – Please Help Save the South African Seals
  1124. Two Good Reasons to Read OUTSIDE Magazine This Month
  1125. Come See Paul Watson in San Francisco
  1126. Bogus Hunt, Bogus Poll, and Bogus Politicians
  1127. Sea Shepherd Board Member Elizabeth May Receives the Order of Canada
  1128. Twelve Reasons to Oppose the Plans by the Makah Whalers to Murder Whales
  1129. Shark Killers Get No Favors from Sea Shepherd
  1130. Farley Mowat Visits Malpelo Island
  1131. Bound for the Galapagos Islands
  1132. Billboards for Seals
  1133. Help Save the Cape Fur Seals!
  1134. Saving Sea Dogs & Cats and Sharks in Paradise
  1135. Come See Captain Paul Watson on his Canadian Speaking Tour!
  1136. Richard Dean Anderson And Legends Memorabilia Announce New 'Signed And Sealed' Charity Autograph Project
  1137. In Memoriam – Benjamin Lewis White
  1138. Calling All Seal Lovers! - Rally at Red Lobster 07/30/05
  1139. Sea Shepherd Warns Authorities of Tampered Shark Fins
  1140. Japanese Professor Questions the Existence of Whaling Culture in Japan
  1141. Japanese Bribery Exposed by the Solomon Islands
  1142. Escape from Halifax - Wanted For Conspiracy to Save Seals
  1143. Sea Shepherd Unveils "Dead Lobster" T-shirt Design
  1144. The Farley Mowat Survives Drydocking and Will Soon be Ready for Sea
  1145. Victory Over Disney Reflections
  1146. Malpelo Rangers Need Equipment and Supplies
  1147. Iceland Announces Plans to Illegally Slaughter 39 Minke Whales
  1148. Young Asians' Eating Habits Key to Saving Sharks
  1149. Rebuttal to the Japanese Whaling Delegation
  1150. Sea Shepherd Appeals to Greenpeace for a United Effort to Stop Illegal Japanese Whaling
  1151. Disney Agrees to Ban Shark Fin Soup
  1152. International Whaling Commission Sinks Japan’s Plans to Kill More Whales but Japan Defies the Vote
  1153. Former Sea Shepherd Crewmember Ben White Battles Cancer
  1154. Sea Shepherd Slams Disney in the New York Times
  1155. Sea Shepherd Rallies at Red Lobster
  1156. Showdown at the IWC – Sea Shepherd Prepares to Battle Japan
  1157. Hong Kong is a Cesspool of Illegal Shark Fin Trading
  1158. Prominent Canadian Veterinarian Condemns the Canadian Seal Slaughter
  1159. Shark Finning is Really, Really Bad, But We Want the Money Says Disney
  1160. World Wildlife Fund Brown Noses Disney
  1161. Disney Admits to Supporting Illegal Shark Finning – Sea Shepherd Calls for a Zero Policy of Shark Fin Soup
  1162. USA Courts Deliver Harsh Verdict Against Shark Finners
  1163. Sea Shepherd Replies to the Shark Fin Trade Merchants Association
  1164. Sea Shepherd Rejects the Revised Management Scheme
  1165. International Whaling Commission Meeting Opens in Korea
  1166. Captain Paul Watson Requests Endorsement from the Australian Government
  1167. Sea Shepherd Needs Crew for Antarctica
  1168. Sea Shepherd Welcomes Two New Board Members to the Society
  1169. Japanese Whalers a Priority for Sea Shepherd
  1170. Canadian Biostitutes Lay Groundwork for Slaughter of Seals
  1171. Eulogy for Robert Hunter – 1941-2005
  1172. J’Accuse – The Hypocrisy of the Canadian Government
  1173. Sea Shepherd Unveils Its Seal of Approval Campaign
  1174. Compassion is Good Business
  1175. Concerns About Aboriginal Whaling
  1176. Whole Foods Market Defends the Seals
  1177. In Memoriam – Robert Hunter
  1178. Tales from the Crypt – Welcome to the Beaches of Newfoundland
  1179. Farley Mowat Week in Port Hope, Ontario
  1180. Great News for the Galapagos – Sea Shepherd Cheers the Removal of President Lucio Gutierrez
  1181. Norwegians to Kill 797 Whales
  1182. A Sea of Blood as the Government of Canada Tallies the Dead and the Dollars
  1183. Canadian Fisheries Minister Geoff Regan Throws a Boomerang
  1184. Sea Shepherd Deploys 16 Net Rippers on the Tail of the Grand Banks
  1185. Shepherds to the Seals – The 2005 Seal Campaign
  1186. Storms Disrupts Seal Slaughter – Now Boycott Must End it Permanently
  1187. Seabird Populations Drop – More Birds Fall Victim to Longlines and Trawlers
  1188. Storm Surfing Off Newfoundland Looking for Icebergs
  1189. Blue Rage – Riding the Tempest for the Baby Seals
  1190. Hurricane Force Winds to Prevent Sealers from Killing for the Third Day
  1191. Reflections on Being Human – An Apology from the Front Lines
  1192. Winds of Mercy Spare the Seals for a Second Day
  1193. A Wonderful, Glorious Opening Day for the Newfoundland Seal Slaughter
  1194. Taiji Dolphin Slaughter Video Shown to the European Cetacean Society by Ric O'Barry
  1195. Farley Mowat Arrives on the Seal Killing Grounds – Seal Slaughter Has Been Postponed
  1196. Sea Shepherd Voyages Through the Sea of Death
  1197. Sea Shepherd Returns to the Slaughter - Round Two of the 2005 Seal Wars
  1198. A Canadian and an American Perspective on the Seal Slaughter
  1199. Captain Watson Counterpoints Sealers' Media Blitz
  1200. Sea Shepherd Calls for a Boycott of Shell Oil to Save the Last of Western Pacific Gray Whales
  1201. A Primer on Death Threats for Captain Genge
  1202. Sea Shepherd Extends Our Sympathies to the Royal Family of Monaco
  1203. Sadistic Sealing Captain Whines about Harassment
  1204. Shepherds of the Labrador Front
  1205. Japan Prepares to Expand its War on Whales – Sea Shepherd Needs a Ship to Stop Them
  1206. Crewmembers Needed to Continue into the Heart of Darkness
  1207. Sea Shepherd Contemplates Voyage to the Impending Seal Slaughter on the Labrador Front
  1208. Arrested Crewmembers Return to Ship - Patrolling Continues
  1209. The Farley Mowat is Alone with the Seals – Sealers have Fled the Killing Grounds
  1210. Farley Mowat Crewmembers are Free
  1211. The Parade of Seal Killing Fools
  1212. In the Aftermath of the Storm May the Curse be Lifted
  1213. Attack of the Hak-a-Piks
  1214. Crew Attacked and Arrested
  1215. Sea Shepherd Crewmembers Assaulted By Sealers
  1216. A Truly Wonderful Perfect Storm
  1217. Coast Guard Move - Update
  1218. Coast Guard on the Move
  1219. Mother Nature's Fury Means a Relatively Good Day for the Baby Seals
  1220. ACTION ALERT: A Call to Help the Seals
  1221. 24 Hours in the Killing Fields
  1222. Confrontation with a Sealing Vessel
  1223. Mother Nature Buys Time for the Farley Mowat
  1224. Coast Guard Prepares to Try to Board the Farley Mowat
  1225. Coast Guard Icebreaker Amundsen Attempts Ramming of the Farley Mowat
  1226. Sea Shepherd Position on Current Sierra Club Elections
  1227. Capt. Paul Watson Answers 11 Common Questions on the Seal Hunt
  1228. Canadian Fisheries Minister Goes on the Defensive
  1229. United Kingdom Member of Parliament Against Seal Hunt
  1230. Sea Shepherd Crew Protest in Halifax
  1231. Seal Slaughter Delayed Until March 29th
  1232. Deadly Navy Sonar Strikes Again
  1233. Richard Dean Anderson Takes to the Ice
  1234. Farley Mowat Heads to Drydock
  1235. Sea Shepherd Ship Receives Ice Damage
  1236. The Farley Mowat is With the Baby Harp Seals
  1237. Fear and Bureaucratic Loathing in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  1238. Whale Harassment Vessel Damages Reef off Mexico
  1239. Costa Ricans Protest Seal Slaughter
  1240. Sea Shepherd To Monitor Makah Whaling Plans
  1241. Sea Shepherd Will Not Compromise on Whaling
  1242. Canada to Hold Bogus Talks on Overfishing
  1243. Opposition to the Seal Hunt Is Not Limited to Tree-huggers
  1244. Captain Watson Meets With Senegal's President Wade
  1245. Rebecca Clark - In Memoriam
  1246. The History of Greenpeace - A Book by Rex Weyler
  1247. Canadian Green Party Condemns the Canadian Seal Hunt
  1248. Norwegians Set-Up Welfare Hunt for Seals
  1249. 25 to 40 Captive Dolphins Heading to the Bahamas
  1250. Adbusters Features Sea Shepherd
  1251. Victory for Dolphins in Bermuda
  1252. Allison Lance Watson Freed From Grand Jury Persecution
  1253. Another Sea Shepherd Prediction Comes to Pass
  1254. Dolphin Controversy in Bermuda
  1255. Sea Shepherd Flagship Painted With Life Size Whales and Dolphins
  1256. Drive Fishery Returns to Futo
  1257. Japan Demonstrates Incredible Hypocrisy in Okinawa
  1258. Sea Shepherd Increases Reward to $5,000
  1259. Taiji Halloween Massacre
  1260. Dolphins Die Again in Taiji
  1261. Sea Cucumber Fishery in the Galapagos Falls Short of Quota
  1262. Galapagos Update
  1263. How Do La Jolla's Children Want to Use Children's Pool?
  1264. Eco Barbaric Tourism is a New Industry in Norway
  1265. Sea Shepherd Wades Into La Jolla Seal Battle
  1266. Galapagos Strike Ends
  1267. Ecuador's Congress Condemns Recent Decisions and News Spreads Around the World
  1268. Chaos in the Galapagos Continues
  1269. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Offers $10,000 Documentation Prize for the Best Dolphin Slaughter Documentation from Taiji, Japan
  1270. Call to Action: Galapagos Needs Your Help!!
  1271. The Farley Mowat Departs From Fernando de Noronha
  1272. Sea Shepherd Director Discovers a New Planet
  1273. Shark Finners First to Plead Guilty Under New Law
  1274. Galapagos Park Rangers Stage Protest
  1275. Sea Shepherd Launches Brazilian Campaign
  1276. Costa Rican Corruption Condemns the Sharks
  1277. The Farley Mowat Arrrives in Sao Luis, Brazil
  1278. Court Victory for Dolphins
  1279. Sea Shepherd Offers $5,000 for Grizzly Serial Killer
  1280. Sea Shepherd En Route to the Coast of Brazil
  1281. Interceptions and Arrests in the Galapagos During the Last 90 Days
  1282. On the Brink of Full Scale War Against the Whales
  1283. Sea Shepherd Inspects the Norwegian Warship Andenes
  1284. Victory in the Galapagos
  1285. News From the IWC Meeting In Sorrento, Italy
  1286. StarKist Responds to Charges of Violating the Galapagos Marine Reserve
  1287. Australia Gets Serious About Toothfish Poachers
  1288. Transiting the Panama Canal: Catch 22 in Panama - Adventures in Bureaucracy
  1289. Sea Shepherd Arrives at Malpelo National Park
  1290. The Sea Cucumber Fishery is Closed in the Galapagos
  1291. Captain Watson Responds to Critic of Illegal Fishing Intervention
  1292. Sea Shepherd Nabs Two More Fishing Boats in the Galapagos Marine Reserve
  1293. CITES Backs IWC Commercial Whaling Moratorium Japan and Norway Continue to be Rogue Outlaw Whalers
  1294. Dolphin Defender, Ric O'Barry, Strikes Again
  1295. Sea Shepherd Moves Patrol to Cocos Island, Costa Rica
  1296. Sea Shepherd Applauds Ecuadorian Government Ruling Shark Fins Banned from Export in Ecuador
  1297. Sea Shepherd Turns Over Poacher to Galapagos Park Rangers
  1298. Report on the Interception of the Costa Rican Longliner Kendy
  1299. Sea Shepherd Seizes Costa Rican Longliner in Galapagos Marine Reserve
  1300. Spay and Neutering Project on Isabela a Success
  1301. Report from the Sea Shepherd ship Farley Mowat The Island of Baltra, Galapagos, Ecuador
  1302. Ninth District Court of Appeals Vindicates Sea Shepherd Position
  1303. Ecuador Appeases Thugs Yet Again
  1304. D-Day in the Galapagos - Sea Shepherd Lands Crew on the Beaches of the National Park
  1305. Sea Shepherd Crew released from Isabela Island
  1306. As Situation Deteriorates in Galapagos Canada Blames the Messenger
  1307. Galapagos Still Under Siege!
  1308. Galapagos Governor Condones Anarchy Violence Dictates Politics in Ecuadorian National Park
  1309. Galapagos Under Siege!!
  1310. Ecuadorian Government Surrenders to Violent Thugs Once Again
  1311. Urgent UpDate from the Galapagos
  1312. Norwegians To Escalate the Illegal Slaughter of Whales
  1313. American Idol Finalists Condemn the Canadian Seal Slaughter
  1314. Sea Shepherd Calls for Worldwide Destruction of Fish Aggregating Devices
  1315. Captain Paul Watson Reports from the Galapagos for May 2004
  1316. Miss Universe Contest to Highlight the Galapagos
  1317. Arrival in the Galapagos-Report from Captain Paul Watson
  1318. Sea Shepherd Crew Save Sea Turtle from Taiwanese Longline
  1319. Report from the Farley Mowat - April 26, 2004
  1320. The R/V Farley Mowat Sets Sail for the Galapagos
  1321. Too Cruel for Costco - Omega-3 Seal oil capsules pulled off shelves in Newfoundland
  1322. Questions and Answers About the Sierra Club Elections
  1323. Canadian Seal Hunt Makes the Front Page of the New York Times
  1324. Sea Shepherd Applauds South African Shark Fin Seizures.
  1325. Controlled By Canada Network Defends Cruelty to Seals
  1326. Sea Shepherd Matches PETA Reward of $2,500 Reward for New England Serial Seal Killer
  1327. The Sierra Club Elections
  1328. We Must Stop the Albatross Killers
  1329. Another Poacher Caught in the Galapagos
  1330. Sea Shepherd Calls for a Boycott of Wal-Mart to Save Whales and Dolphins
  1331. Sea Shepherd Targets Galapagos Security as a Priority
  1332. Population Migration Threatens the Galapagos
  1333. Golly Gee - The Tarnished Halo Award
  1334. Taiji Stop the Dolphin Slaughter Day
  1335. Good News for South African Seals Five Years of Campaigning Pays Off
  1336. In Memory of Rich Severtson
  1337. Charles Darwin Research Station Under Siege
  1338. In Memory of J.D. Mayhew
  1339. The Sea Shepherd Endorsement for Sierra Club Directors
  1340. The Dolphin Death Dance Continues in Taiji
  1341. Captain Watson's New Baby
  1342. A Permanent Victory in Baja for the Whales and the Wetlands
  1343. Celebrities Rally to Oppose the Slaughter of Seals
  1344. Taiji Cold-Heartedly Kills Pseudo Orca Whales
  1345. Sea Shepherd Offers $1,000 for Arrest of Ghost Net Culprits
  1346. Captured Poacher's Boat Brings $30,000 to the Galapagos National Park
  1347. Sea Shepherd Launches 2004 Campaign to Protect the Harp Seals
  1348. The Sad Plight of Sea Turtles on Tobago
  1349. Raid on Poacher's Camp Results in Large Seizure in the Galapagos
  1350. Galapagos Poacher Busted
  1352. The Mad Cowboy's Prediction Comes True
  1353. Shutting Down the Swordfish Fleet
  1354. The Death of the World's Most Famous Whale
  1355. Prosecutor Agrees to Release Allison and Alex but Fines Sea Shepherd for Freeing Dolphins!
  1356. Is Japan Deliberately Poisoning it's Citizens?
  1357. Sea Shepherd to Get More Legal Backing to Protect Albatross
  1358. Gray Whales Are Safe from Makah Whalers for 2004
  1359. Japan's 'Town of Whales' Begins to Question Controversial Hunt
  1360. Allison and Alex Ordered Held for Additional Ten Days for Freeing Dolphins
  1361. Japanese Research is a Front for Pirate Whaling
  1362. Agence France Presse Report on Taiji - More dolphins arrive in Japan after anti-hunt protesters
  1363. The Last Samurai in Taiji - Report from Nik Hensey
  1364. Japanese Police Seize Sea Shepherd Cameras and Film
  1365. Sea Shepherd Crewmembers Arrested in Japan for Releasing Dolphins
  1366. The Facts on Costa Rica's Illegal Shark Trade
  1367. Unsung Hero of Taiji
  1368. Captured Russian Orca Dies
  1369. President Bush Declares War on the Whales and Dolphins
  1370. Pilot Whale Family Mercilessly Slaughtered at Taiji - Sea Shepherd Sends Reinforcements
  1371. NEWS RELEASE: TAIJI - Crewmembers Under Attack
  1372. Sea Shepherd Campaign Captures World Headlines
  1373. Sea Shepherd and Activists Unite for "International Day of Protest Against the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter"
  1374. SSCS Joins Call for Nullification of New Costa Rican Shark Fin Regulations
  1375. The Last Samurai in Taiji
  1376. Galapagos Rangers Seize Two More Poachers
  1377. Eulogy For Timothy Treadwell From Captain Paul Watson
  1378. News Bulletin: Taiji Fishing Boats Head Out To Sea On "Dolphin Roundup"
  1379. Dolphin Kill Stalled After Attack on Sea Shepherd Crew in Taiji, Japan
  1380. Sea Shepherd Crew Return to Taiji despite Death Threats and Violence
  1381. Sirenian Arrests "Angel of Destruction" in GNP-Seized Boats to be Auctioned
  1382. Report from the Solomon Islands
  1383. Sea Shepherd Posts Reward in St. Lucia Jane Tipson Murder Case
  1384. Seal Saver Faces Prison for Helping Seals
  1385. Galapagos National Park Seizes Shark Fins
  1386. Allison Lance-Watson Called Before the Star Chamber Once Again
  1387. Judge Stops Deployment of U.S. Navy's Deadly New Sonar
  1388. Action Alert - Stop Icelandic Whaling Now
  1389. Sea Shepherd Opposes Icelandic Whaling
  1390. Iceland Announces Resumption of High Sea Terrorism
  1391. Fighting the Genuine Pirates of the Caribbean
  1392. A Warning from the Real Fishermen of Iceland
  1393. Sea Shepherd Mourns the Passing of a Great Defender of the Environment
  1394. Sea Shepherd Calls for Action Against Sea World Orlando
  1395. Victory for Sharks in Europe - The European Union Bans Shark Fins
  1396. Sea Shepherd Calls for a Boycott of the 2010 Canadian Winter Olympics
  1397. Law Suit Underway Against the US Navy on Behalf of the Whales
  1398. Japanese Feeding Whale Meat to their Dogs
  1399. Japan Threatens to Become Rogue Whaling Nation
  1400. German Whale Defender Scores Big for the Whales
  1401. Victory for the Whales in Berlin
  1402. NRDC Goes to Court to Fight the Military over Dolphins and Whales
  1403. Illegal Shark Finning Operation In Costa Rica Exposed
  1404. Mad Cow Makes Conservationists Mad At Musk Ox Hunters
  1405. Toronto Star Prints Anti-Sealing Op-Ed
  1406. Eco-Terrorists Without Backbones - Jellyfish Swarms Threaten Fish Prisons
  1407. Sea Shepherd Crew Expose Grisly Atrocities to Dolphins on the High Seas
  1408. Hell No, this Dolphin Won’t Go
  1409. Canada Is Investigating a Plan to Castrate Male Seals
  1410. Sea Shepherds Sirenian Nabs Another Poacher in the Galapagos
  1411. Sea Shepherd Flagship Farley Mowat Bound for the Galapagos
  1412. WWF Supports Seal Hunt - Why?
  1413. Canada Will Do Anything to Save the Cod Except to Stop Fishing
  1414. We Must Act to Save the Leatherback Sea Turtle
  1415. Sea Shepherd Supports Clean Energy Plan for the Galapagos
  1416. What Sea Shepherd Is Doing for the Harp and Hood Seals
  1417. Q&A with Captain Paul Watson and the Office of the Canadian Consul
  1419. Seals and Cod
  1420. Gods & Generals: Ron Maxwell is Sea Shepherds Choice
  1421. Conservationists outraged as Canada expands annual seal kill
  1422. Attention Sierra Club Members: Paul Watson Running for Sierra Club Board
  1423. Report from the Antarctic Front
  1424. Sea Shepherd Calls for a Fifty-Year Worldwide Moratorium for Cod
  1425. Makah Whale Hunt Defeated
  1426. Australian Government Chooses NOT to Uphold International Marine laws
  1427. Captain Paul Watson to Speak at the FRAPNA International Film Festival in France on Nov. 15.
  1428. Sea Shepherds Viking in Residence Reports From the Baltic
  1430. Sirenian Catches Poaching Vessel in Galapagos Marine Reserve
  1431. Showing Whalers the Flag of Inconvenience
  1433. Sea Shepherd Crew Exposes Shark Finning Operation in Puntarenas
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