Commentary from our founder Captain Paul Watson

After years of patiently investigating and exposing the corruption in Costa Rica, my efforts are now slowly beginning to pay off and it is now becoming quite obvious that the charges against me in Costa Rica are politically motivated.

In some ways, the fact that Costa Rica decided to sic Interpol on me is now looking like it will have a positive result. It has given me a larger voice to address the conflict of interests, the bribery and the corruption in Costa Rica that allows the illegal trade in shark fins to continue.

If in the event I am taken as a prisoner back to Costa Rica there will be no doubt that I will in fact be a political prisoner and not a criminal.

Finally the real criminals, those responsible for the illegal slaughter of hundreds of thousands of sharks are now under investigation and I am convinced that the corruption in Costa Rica goes all the way to the top and to the office of the President herself.

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