While all of the media attention was still being generated, there was a flurry of activity behind the scenes, with many back and forth messages between Sea Shepherd and myself. While I cannot go into detail, I can assure you plans were being laid that would provide the foundation for Operation Desert Seal. Things were actually HAPPENING! Soon after, I had the opportunity to meet with an undercover operative who traveled to Namibia to do a pre-scout for the mission. It was then that I realized the scope and complexity of such an operation. From that point on, we began a very thorough period of research and things started moving quickly from there. Equipment of all kinds began arriving from all corners of the world. Soon thereafter, I met with Sea Shepherd’s European Director Laurens de Groot and other crewmembers at a secret location on the outskirts of Cape Town. And so began Operation Desert Seal.

I would like to thank the entire campaign team including Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and all of the individual donors involved who made this operation possible. Without each and every one of you, this disgusting practice would still be Namibia's dirty little secret.

Namibia Desert Seal

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