Let me see John…Greenpeace builds a 33 million Euro ship to conduct fundraising tours while we intervene directly against illegal Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean. While you guys sent origami whales to President Obama to protest Japanese whaling, we sent the Japanese fleet home with only 17% of their kill quota. Sea Shepherd has prevented the slaughter of nearly 3,000 whales while Greenpeacers were sitting and eating whale meat with the Japanese to demonstrate so-called sensitivity to Japanese culture. Greenpeace street solicitors tell the public that they send ships to the Southern Ocean, although they have not done so since 2006. They blatantly lie to raise funds.

Sea Shepherd has bankrupted the Japanese whaling fleet. That's activism John. Having tea with whalers is well, rather pathetic - just saying.

As a co-founder of Greenpeace, I have to say that they are now nothing more than the world's biggest "feel good" organization pretending to solve problems while growing a larger and more entrenched bureaucracy every year. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein having helped to create this big green monstrous fundraising corporate entity that IS NOT in Taiji saving dolphins, that IS NOT in the Southern Ocean saving whales, HAS NOT been off Newfoundland for two decades saving seals, HAS NOT done anything to protect bluefin tuna, HAS NOT opposed the slaughter of pilot whales in the Faeroe Islands, and actually DOES endorse the hunting of polar bears in Canada and Alaska. They are a sham, a fraud, and an embarrassment.

They have raised over 50 million dollars to oppose whaling in the Southern Ocean and they have used this money to fund additional fundraising efforts to raise more money. It's a disgrace and now they are condemning our activism saying we are making it difficult for them to "save" whales. I think what they are really saying is that we are making it difficult for them to continue to raise money by doing nothing.