Sea Shepherd is asking to please write positive and reaffirming emails to the community of Broome, that Broome citizens of Japanese heritage are equally respected and admired as part of the community in helping to shape one of Australia’s premier iconic coastal towns.

Councilor Chris Maher is happy to take those emails and can be reached at

Alternatively you can write a letter to the editor of the Broome Advertiser by emailing

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society condemns the out lash directed at the Japanese community of Broome. This issue has nothing to do with race; what is happening to the dolphins in Taiji is an issue that affects us all on a global scale.


Captain Paul Watson’s Letter to the Broome Editor:

The Broome Advertiser

To the Editor:

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society applauds the decision by the Council of the Shire of Broome in suspending the sister city status with Taiji, Japan.

This decision has already put a great deal of pressure on Taiji to consider banning the barbaric practice of slaughtering dolphins. It was courageous and thoughtful move on the part of the town council and is greatly appreciated by marine conservationists around the world.

We regret any prejudice that the incidents in Taiji have caused in inspiring some individuals to insult and verbally assault Australian citizens of Japanese descent who live in Broome.

When the late great Steve Irwin died, some of his so called "supporters" began killing stingrays to avenge his death. Steve would have been horrified.

In the same way those of us who are in the field protecting and defending dolphins are opposed to any person who uses the dolphins or the whales to justify hatred against any race or cultural group of fellow humans.

Thirty years ago, I was battling Australian whalers in Western Australia at Cheynes Beach. Australia ended whaling and is now the leading nation standing up for the whales worldwide. If Australians can change from being whale killers to becoming whale defenders, then there is great hope for Japan, Norway, and Iceland to do the same.

Let’s hope this barbarically cruel slaughter of tens of thousands of defenseless dolphins in Japan is ended soon, and Broome will be able to hold out a hand once more to Taiji in friendship.


Captain Paul Watson