Williams was reacting to comments Hearn made on a public call-in show after his Thursday announcement that he would not be running again where he called the premier a dictator and accused him of being "as gutless as a capelin."

"As well, if anyone would recognize a dictator he certainly worked for one, so he'd know a dictator I can guarantee ya," Williams said.

So Williams thinks that Loyola did not go far enough in his over the top defense of the seal hunt. Danny is proud of the fact that his Newfie boys love to skin baby seals alive. He thought Loyola was getting a touch too faggoty in trying to justify the slaughter as humane. Apparently Loyola does not share Danny's sadistic extremism. Loyola likes to see baby seals killed but Danny likes to see ‘em killed slowly. From what I can see that's the only difference between the two Newfie butchers.

I love that Hearn called Williams "as gutless as a capelin."  How can this guy be the Minister of Fisheries and be ignorant of the fact that capelin have internal organs and a digestive system?

And it is great that a Canadian Premier has actually called the Prime Minister of Canada - a Dictator!  That gives credibility to the voice of many Canadians who whole heartedly agree.

Fuhrer Harper must be quaking in his boots in fear that he loses the support of Newfoundlanders. I hope he does lose their support, and then if re-elected he won't be so inclined to kiss the salty asses of Newfoundland sealers.

But it will be our bad luck that the Liberals will win and if the Newfoundland seats are a factor they will simply replace Conservative Party lips on the posteriors of the barbarians.

Meanwhile our ship Farley Mowat continues to be a guest of the Port of Sydney with the government spending about $4,000 a day to guard it so we can't slink into port and steal her back.

Perhaps we'll see Loyola next year at the trial when we subpoena him to explain his blatant act of high seas piracy in attacking a Dutch ship in international waters.

Ohh, I can't wait to see the veins bulging from his redneck again as he justifies the defense of the largest butchery of marine mammals on the planet. We are so looking forward to that - clowns like Loyola are rare and his act is unique.

Meanwhile we'll sit back with some popcorn and watch the mud-slinging between Hearn and Williams as the Canadian Federal election gears up with the usual suspects promising the usual drivel that they have no intention of delivering.

We saw it with Kevin Rudd whose promises in Australia dissipated after the election and we are seeing the same nonsense as the Republicrats and the Demopublicans battle it out with false promises firing like shotguns into the gullible minds of the electorate.

Anyhow, we won't have Loyola Hearn around to laugh at any more!

Gee, that's too bad. With luck they'll put another goofy Newfie Fisheries bureaucrat into the office to carry on the tradition of barbarism and idiocy every spring on the cruel ice floes where they slaughter the innocent without remorse or pity.

But hopefully the ban on seal pelts in Europe will bring mercy to the ice.

(*apologies for the Newfie dialect, being a Maritimer I don't gets ta use it that often.)