Is the kangaroo on the Australian Coat of Arms a symbol for cruelty or is it a symbol for respect? Australians must decide.

Will Australia continue to allow the Japanese whalers to scoff hypocritically at Australia's opposition to whaling while condoning the mass slaughter of the kangaroos?

And will Australia be subjected to the humiliation of having other nations condemn the slaughter and embargo the products?

Australians are a caring nation. Time and again Australian have proven that they live in a nation that believes in ecological responsibility and kindness towards our fellow creatures. Unfortunately, this otherwise exemplary image is tarnished ignobly by the on-going slaughter of the kangaroos.

Waltzing_Matilda_logo_white_100Sea Shepherd Campaign Named In Honor Of These Caring Australians

The cruel slaughter of both the whales and the kangaroos must end.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society supports Australian Wildlife Protection Council's initiative to fight for a ban on the importation of kangaroo meat, leather and products into the EU.

Please continue to support our efforts to save the whale and learn more about the plight of the Aussies’ beloved “roos.”

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