Additional information related to: A Brief History of Counter Eco-Terrorism Against the Dolphin Killers of Taiji (original posting, September 15, 2010)

Further to our posting titled, “Brief History of Counter Terrorism at Taiji,” I received an update from Hardy Jones informing me of omissions in the article. We apologize to Hardy of course. I wrote the article based on the information I had in my own records. I was not aware of Hardy’s other accomplishments other than what had been mentioned.

To clarify: Hardy Jones was in Taiji in 1980, where he was able to secure the release of 200 Mellon Head whales. He returned in 2001 and began filming and testing dolphin meat for toxics. His film about this work in Taiji appeared on National Geographic channels worldwide and on PBS. His test results led to publication of the toxic levels in dolphin meat in a major Japanese newspaper.

Hardy has worked on this issue for the last nine years with Blue Voice and at one time was unlawfully restrained by the fishermen at Taiji.

There is no question that Hardy Jones and Blue Voice were the pioneers of exposing the dolphins’ slaughters both at Iki Island and Taiji.