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Sea Shepherd Commentary & Editorial articles from 2012 and earlier.

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  1. Protecting Great Blue Whales in California
  2. Life in the Namib Desert
  3. Support Builds for Protection of Hawaii’s Coral Reef Ecosystem
  4. Japanese Whalers Fire Their First Shot of the Season – at Sea Shepherd
  5. Something Fishy Continues in Costa Rica and Germany
  6. South Korea Abandons Their So-Called Scientific Whaling Plan, but 'By-catch Whaling' Continues
  7. Rock Band The Scabs Invite Sea Shepherd Belgium to Their Final Concert of 2012
  8. Sponsoring the Oceans Prison Wardens
  9. A Long Journey Home and Now The Voyage Begins
  10. A Tradition of Extinction
  11. Wildlife Species are a Public Trust, Not Disposable Trinkets
  12. Will You Pledge $9.00 to Save a Whale?
  13. Protecting the Giant Pacific Octopus
  14. The Return of a Dangerous Ecological Criminal
  15. Cove Guardians Begin Live Stream of Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji
  16. The Way of Water
  17. Farewell to Russell Means
  18. Endangered Steller Sea Lions Could Become Next Target on the Colombia River
  19. Operation Zero Tolerance Set to Launch November 5th
  20. Costa Rica Bans Shark Finning. Or Have They?
  21. An Interesting Weekend on Spaceship Earth
  22. Will Woodside Smash the Vatican Chalices of the Goolarabooloo People
  23. Sea Shepherd Cries Foul Over Western Australia Shark Cull
  24. Fear and Loathing of Sharks in Western Australia
  25. There Can Be No Honor in Supporting Death
  26. Captain Peter Hammarstedt Launches the Sailing Vessel, Sea Shepherd Italia
  27. Observations From a Long liner
  28. An Odyssey for the Whales
  29. The Dark Hobby Redux, Part 2
  30. The Price We Pay for Saving Wildlife
  31. The Dark Hobby Redux
  32. My Brother Stephen
  33. Contemplating the Risso's Dolphin on the Eve of the Annual Slaughter
  34. The Insane Controversy of Cape Cross
  35. We Will Not Back Down
  36. Operation: Infinite Patience 2012-2013 Has Begun
  37. Costa Rican Government Risks Nation’s Eco-Friendly Reputation to Protect Shark-Finners
  38. Plastic Beaches
  39. Whaling in Norway
  40. Korean Whaling
  41. The Party is Getting Old in Panama
  42. Who is really in charge in Costa Rica?
  43. The Mystery of Cocos Island
  44. Sea Lions Aren’t the Dam Problem on the Columbia River!
  45. Namibia's Shameful Secret
  46. The Damn Hunger Games on the Columbia River
  47. The Law Takes Precedence Over Justice in Germany
  48. Advocating for Environmental Justice in the Pacific Ocean
  49. A Call From Berlin To Defend Our Oceans
  50. Greetings From Germany
  51. Farley Mowat- A Legend
  52. The Case for Mass Murder in the Faeroe Islands
  53. Takk Heri Joensen: Viking Vs Viking Over the Grind
  54. The Canadian Seal Hunt
  55. Countering the Rhetoric of an Apostle of Whale Slaughter
  56. Blaming Wildlife for Dwindling Fish Stocks Is An Embarrassing Attempt to Mask The Real Problem-Human Overconsumption
  57. Namibia Trots Out Old and Useless Tricks to Defend the Seal Slaughter
  58. Sea Shepherd Chile Gets the Opportunity To Help a Distressed Baby Sea Lion Amidst a Countrywide Debate Over a Proposed Sea Lion Cull
  59. Canadian Corporate Communism Tosses More Cash to Criminals
  60. Salmon Farmers in Chile Are Displacing Endangered Penguins By Stealing Gravel From Islote Conejos
  61. Scapegoating + Bad Math = Devastation for Federally Protected Sea Lions at the Bonneville Dam
  62. CITES Infiltrated by the Shark Fin Industry
  63. Impressions on the Bonneville Dam
  64. Am I a “Real” Canadian?
  65. No Protection – No Hope
  66. It Takes One Voice to Make a Difference
  67. Hoo is Destroying the Sharks?
  68. Gonzi Goes Gonzo Over Graft Allegations
  69. Fit for the Emperor’s Banquet?
  70. When Dolphins Fly
  71. The Empire Strikes Back
  72. Lessons Learned over Breakfast with Sterling Hayden
  73. Racism Guides Japanese Police Actions in Taiji
  74. The Canadian Seal Hunt is Dead! Long Live the Seals!
  75. The Crime of Being Dutch
  76. The Boarding of the Shonan Maru No. 2 was a Huge Success
  77. Much Ado About Nothing
  78. Focusing Attention On Things That Matter Is Always Positive
  79. From Garrett to Gillard – A Government of Broken Promises
  80. Australian Government Solution Unnecessarily Expensive
  81. Heroes of Forest and Sea to be Freed
  82. Our Sincere Apologies, Prime Minister
  83. The Bullshit Politics of Betrayal
  84. Forest Rescue men go out on a limb for Sea Shepherd
  85. Appeal to Nations to Take Action to Protect All Lives in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  86. Medieval Justice for Dolphin Defender at the Cove
  87. For Miller Nash It’s Thumbs Down for the Whales
  88. Greenpeace Should Address Its Own Disgraceful Behavior
  89. Maldives: The Next Atlantis?
  90. Surfing – The Delicate Art of Living In Grace With the Sea
  91. The Divine Wind That Spared 900 Pilot Whales in the Ferocious Isles
  92. Dolphins Spared from the Wave of Death from the Shores of Japan
  93. Operation Divine Wind Q & A with Captain Paul Watson
  94. The Big Green Do Nothing: Fundraising Machine Condemns Activism
  95. Operation Infinite Patience - It is Working!
  96. Amazing Disgrace
  97. Sea Shepherd Reorganizes in the Face of Challenge and Opportunities
  98. Sea Shepherd Strongly Opposes Western Australia Government’s Call for a Shark Cull
  99. La Réunion Surfers are an Embarrassment to the International Surfing Community
  100. Reflections on Meeting with the Namibian Ombudsman
  101. Galapagos Celebrates Their 33rd Anniversary on the World Natural Heritage List
  102. Sea Shepherd Visits the Orkney Islands
  103. Divine Wind Buys Time for Dolphins in Taiji
  104. The Makings of Operation Desert Seal
  105. A Unique Sea Shepherd Adventure in Namibia
  106. A Not so Close Encounter with a Beach Foreman
  107. Bluefin Standoff in Hong Kong
  108. An Open Letter to the People of the Faeroe Islands
  109. Sea Shepherd Spreads Compassion for Grind Victims on St. Olaf’s Day
  110. Because you Responded the Steve Irwin is Free
  111. Somber Recollections of the Pilot Whale Slaughter in Klaksvik
  112. The Last Whaling Station
  113. Operation Desert Seal: From the Frontlines of Seal Wars
  114. Another Chapter Closes in the Seemingly Never-Ending War to End Whaling
  115. Sea Shepherd Operation Desert Seal - not for the Fainthearted
  116. The Mouse That Roared
  117. Hotel de France Jersey - the Hotel of Choice for Whale Killers
  118. We be Pirates!
  119. Will sharks finally receive the required level of protection?
  120. Charlie and the Hot-blooded Tuna Blues
  121. Who is Roberto Mielgo Bregazzi?
  122. Sea Shepherd Sails into a Star-studded Controversy at Cannes
  123. The Moral Depravity of the Japanese Government
  124. Captain Paul Watson Hits the “Black Carpet”
  125. The Gift that Just Keeps on Giving: the Continuing Adventures of the Farley Mowat
  126. The Changing of our Colors
  127. The Great Bloody White North
  128. Namibia’s Deadly Little Secret: the Cape Fur Seal Cull
  129. Tears for the Land of the Rising Sun
  130. The Terrible Troubling Tribulations of Being Called an (shudder) Eco-terrorist
  131. A Terrible Tempest in an Unforgiving Sea
  132. A Cruel Sacrifice Beneath the Dark Slopes of Erebus
  133. 10 Questions for Captain Paul Watson on Japan’s Retreat from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  134. The Whalers Have Been Shut Down!
  135. The Japanese Propaganda Machine Strikes Again in Taiji
  136. Where oh Where are the Whalers Going?
  137. Operation No Compromise Update: Report from the Bob Barker
  138. Will this be Sea Shepherd’s last Antarctic Campaign?
  139. The Art of Hunting Whalers
  140. Sea Shepherd and Taiji
  141. Greenpeace Meets George Orwell: Greenpeace Rewrites History
  142. The Great Fishing Debate
  143. Greenpeace mon Amour
  144. Greenpeace mon Amour
  145. Three Months of Horror at the Cove
  146. The Best Damn Australian Government Japan has Ever Had
  147. The Confessions of an Insensitive Coldhearted Whale Warrior (Satire)
  148. The Issue of Safety at Sea
  149. Poetry and Emotion in Ocean and Motion
  150. Jousting with the Rumor Mill
  151. South American Sea Lions are in Great Peril
  152. Merry Christmas from the Southern Ocean
  153. Oysters Under Threat from Herpes!
  154. Should we Save Paper Whales, Virtual Whales or Real Whales?
  155. Sea Shepherd Condemns Senseless Shark Slaughter
  156. Biostitutes Shill for Salmon Shysters
  157. Taking Three Fair Ships into Harm’s Way
  158. Sea Shepherd Welcomes the Support of the US, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia
  159. Where is Greenpeace?
  160. Casa Beach Harbor Seals Need Your Help!
  161. The Cove Guardians Carry On
  162. A Shark Campaign
  163. Killing Time is Better Than Whalers Killing Whales
  164. Whaling…it’s All About the Money!
  165. Are the Whalers Close to Throwing in the Towel?
  166. The Changing of the Guard at Taiji
  167. Where in the World is the Japanese Whaling Fleet?
  168. Not on My Watch
  169. Standing Guard at the Bloody Gates of Hell
  170. Where Have All the Turtles Gone?
  171. Dolphins Need More Protection Than Ever
  172. Passion, Pity, Professionalism, Patience, and Perseverance
  173. Blackfish?
  174. Captain Paul Watson Responds to Yasue Funayama
  175. The Forgotten Victims of Mercury Poisoning
  176. Captain Paul Watson’s Reply to Katsutoshi Mihara
  177. Additional information related to: A Brief History of Counter Eco-Terrorism Against the Dolphin Killers of Taiji (original posting, September 15, 2010)
  178. Where do the Captured Taiji Dolphins Go?
  179. A Commentary on Deals, Compromises, and Capitulations Regarding Whaling
  180. Rejecting Compromise Over Whaling
  181. A Brief History of Counter Eco-Terrorism Against the Dolphin Killers of Taiji
  182. Faeroe Islands: The Graveyard of Shame
  183. We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us
  184. Sea Shepherds Find Healthy Whale Sharks in the Gulf!
  185. Insight Into Reality TV by The New York Times
  186. The Dark Hobby; Can We Stop the Devastating Impact of Home Aquaria on Reefs Worldwide?
  187. Refuting the Racist Rhetoric
  188. Ecuador has not joined the pro-whaling block in the IWC
  189. Sea Shepherd Undercover Operative Addresses the People of the Faeroe Islands
  190. Sea Shepherd Operation Gulf Rescue Update
  191. The Faeroes and Mercury in Our Seafood
  192. Beware of the “Seal Shepherd”
  193. Bye, Bye, Rotten Butter Bombs
  194. In Memory of Carroll Vogel
  195. Sea Shepherd at Deepwater Ground Zero
  196. An Amusing Shade of Blue
  197. Steve Irwin Banned from Morocco
  198. The Rainbow Fades as Greenpeace Betrays the Whales
  199. Saving Endangered Feces
  200. Japan Threatens to Go Renegade!
  201. Japan has a responsibility to save the bluefin tuna
  202. Japan Dives Deep into Depravity to Destroy the Whales
  203. Knights of Consequences
  204. Oil Kill - The Gulf of Mexico Killing Fields BP Doesn’t Want You Thinking About
  205. Remaining Aggressive and Nonviolent
  206. Crossing (S)words With the Goliaths of Doom
  207. Seaacide is Brainless
  208. Maritime Justice in the Land of Oz
  209. We Need to Stand Up to Japan
  210. Captain Peter Bethune – The Last Samurai!
  211. Responding to Japanese Reportage on “The Cove”
  212. Shepherding “The Cove” to an Oscar
  213. The Drowning of the Ice Babies
  214. Sea Shepherd is Safer than Sea World
  215. Former Japanese Whaling Commissioner Validates Sea Shepherd Intervention
  216. Whales and the Absurdity of a Diplomatic Solution
  217. Politics Vs Results in the Whale Wars
  218. Sea Shepherd Confirms the Non-Existence of Pingvin Island
  219. Letter to the Editor - The Australian
  220. Sea Shepherd “Mission Impossible” Breaches Security on Japanese Security Vessel
  221. Three Cheers for Captain Peter Bethune
  222. Alice in Nunavutland
  223. More Silliness from Newfoundland
  224. Hey Japanese Whaler Dudes, Stop Your Pathetic Whining
  225. Countering Japan’s Ministry of Truth
  226. Fear and Loathing in Iqaluit
  227. Baby Seal Bashing Politics in the Great White North
  228. The Final Assault on the Cetacean Death Star
  229. The Bogus Science of the Japanese Whaling Fleet
  230. Letter to the Editor - The Australian
  231. Destroy and Deny - The Japanese Approach to Sinking Ships
  232. Glenn Beck - The Father of Freaky Fox Facts, Fables, Farces and Fantasies
  233. Cyber Wars
  234. In Pursuit of Lives Not Lost
  235. Sea Shepherd is a Fundamentalist Darwinist Anti-God Organization Interfering with God’s Divine Plan to Have the Japanese Illegally Slaughter the Whales!
  236. A Message from Sea Shepherd’s CEO
  237. The Wellingtonian editorial: Japan's Minister of Foreign Affairs
  238. Happy New Year from the Southern Ocean
  239. Exchanging letters with the Australian Minister for the Environment
  240. We Will Crush and We Will Bury the Sealing Industry
  241. Captain Paul Watson Responds to Japan’s Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada
  242. Fastest Fish in the Ocean, Speeding Towards Extinction
  243. Consider the Leatherback
  244. The End of Japanese Whaling in the Southern Ocean is in Sight
  245. Fish Farming in British Columbia- Destroying the Wild Salmon
  246. Sea Shepherd Calls Australians to Respect Broome's Japanese Families and Their Heritage
  247. Serial Seal Slaying Senators Support Southern Seal Slaughter
  248. Alexandra Morton's Letter to the Fisheries Minister on Missing Sockeye
  249. Broome has the Power to Cease the Dolphin Killings in Taiji
  250. Confronting Senseless Slaughter: Taking a Stand for a Whale-Loving Nation’s Kangaroos
  251. Communications with the Enemy
  252. What Will Happen to Us When the Oceans Die?
  253. Galapagos National Park: 50 Year Anniversary or Theme Park Opening?
  254. Damn Proud to be Guilty
  255. Official Apology to the Government of Canada
  256. For the Whales We Weep Before Forever We Sleep
  257. Fear and Loathing in Madeira
  258. Sharks, Drugs, Lies, and Corruption in Costa Rica
  259. Captain Paul Watson Dismisses and Disses the Whale Wars Critics
  260. The League of Extraordinarily Gentle Terrorists
  261. Sea Shepherd Stands By Our Position: Mike Meyer Must Be Fired
  262. Boycott South African Wines Until Whale Butcher Mike Meyers is Sacked
  263. Eat Your Heart Out Sarah Palin: Michaelle Jean is now the Barbarian Queen
  264. Captain Paul Watson at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival
  265. Canadian Governor General Bites a Bleeding Seal Heart
  266. Are Newfoundlanders Throwing in the Towel?
  267. Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks
  268. Alex and Peter's Excellent Wacky Adventure in the Great White North
  269. Rescuing Reno the 80 Year Old Lobster From the Desert
  270. Cetaceans Society International Attacks Sea Shepherd for Saving Dolphins
  271. Whale Wars Returns for Second Season
  272. We Need to Stop Eating the Oceans
  273. The End of the Despicable Commercial Canadian Seal Hunt is in Sight
  274. We Are the Ladies of the Night
  275. Our Efforts to Assist at the Tasmanian Whale Stranding
  276. A Whale of a Kangaroo Court
  277. Guest Commentary: Peter Garrett lacks power and the passion
  278. What is Greenpeace Thinking?
  279. Captain Paul Watson on Whale Wars
  280. A Kiwi Corporate Whore in the Land of the Rising Sun
  281. United Press International Report- Asia, with Comments by Captain Paul Watson
  282. Whalers Doing Crazy Joes Across the Ross Sea In Defence of a Savage Industry
  283. The Battle for the Whales in the Ross Sea
  284. Hunting the Hunters at the Bottom of the World
  285. Japan Should Be Stopping Their Own Pirates
  286. Is Kevin Rudd the Neville Chamberlain of Conservation?
  287. Taking on the Goliaths of Doom
  288. The Whale War of Words
  289. The Death of a Whaler
  290. We Pirates Speak for the Whales
  291. Guest Commentary: Lumberjacks in Eden
  292. The Whalers are a Bunch of Arrogant Lying Wankers
  293. Cold Case in Cold Waters
  294. Sea Shepherd Gives the Whalers a Gift that Keeps on Stinking
  295. Christmas Message from the Captain of the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin
  296. A Letter from Captain Paul Watson from the Tasman Sea
  297. Risky Business At the Bottom of the World
  298. Responding to the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans On the Death of the Narwhals
  299. A Conversation with the Narwhal Butchers
  300. The Canadian Slaughter of the Unicorns
  301. Ferocious Islanders Paying for Their Sins
  302. Peter Garrett’s Year of Living Hypocritically
  303. The Politics of Pretending to Save the Whales
  304. Fighting an Economic Goliath in the Southern Oceans
  305. Whalers Fearful of Television Spot Lighting Their Crimes
  306. It Appears that Greenpeace Has Become Yellowpeace
  307. Farley Mowat Writes to Live and Lives to Write
  308. Iceland on the Threshold of an Economic Ragnarok
  309. Will Humpbacks Be Targets for Japanese Harpoons this Year?
  310. Hominid Exotics Removed from the Galapagos
  311. Shin-ken shō-bu
  312. Loyola, We’ll Miss Ya B’ye
  313. A 4th Grader’s Plea to Stop Killing Sharks
  314. Aqua Cats Are Eating the Oceans
  315. A Sad Good-bye to Collette
  316. Former Australian Environment Minister Questions Japanese Motives
  317. The Mouse that Roared Sea Shepherd Vs the Empire of the Rising Sun
  318. Propaganda Wars Under the Rising Sun
  319. The Delights of Death Threats
  320. Paving Paradise in the Enchanted Islands
  321. Encounters with a Man of Power
  322. Operation Musashi Q and A with Captain Paul Watson
  323. Feeding fish to Chickens and Pigs
  324. More Adventures in the Great White North
  325. Hyper Hearn Hysterically Heaps Histrionic Hype High Over Harp Seal Ban
  326. With Friends Like These How Can We Lose?
  327. Operation Musashi – The Entirely Possible Impossible Mission
  328. The World of 2108
  329. Battleship Antarctica
  330. Operation Musashi – Designed for Controversy
  331. IWC Wipes Out In Chile
  332. Lukewarm Meeting on Whaling in Chilly Chile
  333. No Peace with Greenpeace it Seems
  334. Has Australia Sold Out the Whales?
  335. New Mining Technique Threatens Habitat and Ocean Wildlife
  336. There is Something Very Rotten in Denmark
  337. Will Australia Surrender the Whales to Japan?
  338. The Costliest Catch - Rising Fuel Costs May Help Save the Oceans
  339. Trek Through Europe – Report from the road
  340. Australian Political Hypocrites Order “Final Solution” on Kangaroos
  341. Under the Naked Light Bulb for the Seals
  342. Japanese Whalers are Crooks? Who would have thought?
  343. The Hanging Judges of the Magandertal Islands
  344. The Economist Reviews Harpoon by Andrew Darby: Blood and guts
  345. Memoriam for Charles Caccia (1930-2008)
  346. What the Phoque?
  347. Guest Commentary: End crab fishery, plant trees
  348. “May Day” for the Seal Slaughter on May Day
  349. Guest commentary by Sea Shepherd Board Member Kurt Lieber
  350. Hard Talk With Captain Paul Watson
  351. Biocentric Knight Takes On Anthropocentric Bishop
  352. The Sea Shepherd Tar Baby Strategy
  353. Sea Shepherd Supports Teens Against Whaling
  354. Adventures in the Bizarre World of Canadian Politics
  355. Silver Donald Cameron: DFO not covering itself in glory in seal hunt mess
  356. Orchestrating the Media in a Symphony of Controversy and Social Revolution to Save the Seals
  357. Farley Mowat: Two against the tide?
  358. Another Sealer Bites the Dust
  359. The Seals Are Winning the Seal Wars
  360. We Stand on Guard for Thee (The Seals)
  361. Sea Shepherd’s Loyalty is to Our Clients
  362. A Pack of Lies on the Ice Pack
  363. Fear and Loathing in Atlantic Canada
  364. I’m Not Ready to Make Nice
  365. The Silence of the Lambs
  366. Rest in Peace Lyle
  367. Three Decades of Living Dangerously
  368. Captain Paul Watson Responds to Canadian Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn
  369. Whales and Kangaroos Down Under: A Tale of Two Hypocrisies
  370. Odyssey For The Whales: 20,000 Miles, 68 Crew Members, And 83 Days At Sea For The Whales In The Southern Ocean
  371. Evolution Is Going To The Dogs In The Galapagos
  372. Kamikaze Winds Savage Japanese Whaling Fleet
  373. Keeping the Focus on the Southern Oceans and the Whales
  374. Gun Shot Discharge?
  375. Sea Shepherd Honoured by the International Whaling Commission
  376. Whales, Japanese Lies, and Videotapes
  377. The Chase Continues as Japanese Whalers Issue Denials and Threats
  378. The Great Southern Ocean Whaling Ship Chase - Day Thirteen
  379. The Great Southern Ocean Whaling Ship Chase - Day Twelve
  380. Illegal Whaling in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary - The Numbers
  381. The Sea Down Under
  382. The Chase Continues - Day Eight: Pouncing on the Japanese Slaughterhouse in the Frozen Southern Mist
  383. Crazy Cold Case Keystone Cops Comedy Chase Continues
  384. Environmentalist Shepherds Salmon Past the Danger of Salmon Concentration Camps
  385. The Chase Continues - Day Seven
  386. The Chase Continues - Day Six
  387. The Chase Continues - Day Five
  388. The Chase Continues - Day Four
  389. The Chase Continues - Day Three
  390. The Great Southern Ocean Chase - Day Two
  391. “Crimes” of Compassion in the Southern Oceans
  392. Captain Paul Watson Responds to the Yomiuri Shimbun
  393. Frequently Asked Questions
  394. Rolling Down To the Coast of Antarctica
  395. The World Wide Whale Wars
  396. The Big Question: Have the Japanese seen off their opponents in the battle over whaling?
  397. The Other Whaling Industry Cashing in on the Suffering and Death of the Great Whales
  398. Comments on BBC’s Q&A on Whaling
  399. Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace - An Unfortunate Conflict
  400. The Rocky Whaling Fleet Horror Show
  401. The Birth of a New Manchuria
  402. Odyssey of Compassion through the Great Southern Ocean
  403. Mourning Heath Ledger
  404. Japanese Professor Questions the Existence of Whaling Culture in Japan
  405. Distracted by Strategy
  406. The Ecological Insanity of Fish Farming
  407. Sea Shepherd FAQ
  408. The Cold War at the Bottom of the Planet to Save the Whales
  409. The Art of Finding Whalers
  410. The End of the Canadian Baby Seal Slaughter is in Sight
  411. The Impossible Mission Continues
  412. Flim Flannery Environmentalism
  413. Book Review: High Surf - The world's most inspiring surfers...
  414. Blog: Christmas on the Steve Irwin
  415. Hideki Eats Crow
  416. The Curse of Ahab's Children
  417. The Search for the Killers Has Begun
  418. The Killing is About to Begin, Where is Everybody?
  419. The Spirit of Steve Irwin
  420. Five Incompetent Makah Make a Mockery of Traditional Whaling
  421. Guest Commentary by Thomasina Larkin - Making a Difference: No holds barred in fight for dolphins
  422. Guest Commentary by Dave Foreman - The Angry West
  423. Taking on the Goliath of Doom from the Land of the Rising Sun
  424. Sea Shepherd Commandeers the Pages of The New Yorker
  425. Oh Canada, Once My Home and Now a Very Strange Land
  426. Captain Paul Watson Responds to Dr. "Kill-A-Roo" Diesendorf
  427. Dolphin Campaign Scores a Hit with Time Magazine
  428. Extinction Crisis Escalates!
  429. Fishmonger "Scientists" Peddle Poisons to the Public
  430. With Enemies Like These, the Whales May Have a Chance
  431. Tears for the Rising Sun
  432. Canada Shows Its True Colors on the Issue of Color
  433. Welcome To The Banana Republic of Canada
  434. Two Tales of Saving Whales: Book Reviews by Paul Watson
  435. Killing Fish for Fun and Profit
  436. Arctic Ivory Hunters Massacre Walrus and Narwhal
  437. Guest Commentary by Robert Wintner - Enslaving the World's Reef Fish
  438. A Sunday at Sea with Sea Shepherd and the Shark Killers
  439. Guest Commentary by Rafe Mair - Shilling for Sea Lice - How to detect the fish farm swill
  440. Sea Shepherd Mourns the Passing of Colleen McCrory
  441. Guest Commentary by Dr. Paul Spong - IWC59 Wrap-up – Rays of Light for Whales
  442. Guest Commentary by Dr. Paul Spong - IWC 59 Day Four - Taking the Marbles Home
  443. Guest Commentary by Horst Kleinschmidt - IWC - No Middle Ground
  444. Hotel Captain Cook Bars Sea Shepherd from Attending Meeting
  445. Sea Shepherd Steadfast in its Goal to Defend Whales from Icelandic Whalers
  446. Guest Commentary by George Monbiot - The Destruction of Large Marine Predators
  447. The Beginning of the End for Life as We Know it on Planet Earth?
  448. Trading Fighting Words with an Advocate of Death
  449. Earth Day Cometh and Earth Day Goeth (and Where Have All the Bees Gone?)
  450. A Tale of Two “Industries”
  451. Greenpeace Condemns Sea Shepherd in Japan
  452. Doublespeak from the Ministry of Death by Guest Commentator Silver Don Cameron
  453. Canada’s Annual Ritual of Shame Began Today
  454. How Real Conservatives View the Canadian Seal Slaughter
  455. Sea Shepherd Assists Greenpeace
  456. Meet Ginza Glen – Corporate Whore for the Whale Killers!
  457. The End of the Japanese Cetacean Death Star
  458. Dealing with the Hypocrisy of the Human Perceptions
  459. With Friends Like This
  460. We Need to Focus on the Real Violence in the Whale Sanctuary
  461. The Impossible Mission
  462. Canadian Senator Sees Defeat for the Seal Killers
  463. Greenpeace Responds to Sea Shepherd's Accusations
  464. The Truth about Greenpeace and Whaling
  465. Australian Environment Minister Stands Strong Against Whaling
  466. Why Killing Whales is Murder
  467. Guest Commentary by Zoe Blunt - Great Bear Rainforest: The Clearcut Truth
  468. The U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Needs to Wake Up!
  469. Environmentalists Score a Major Victory Against the Environmental Enemy #1
  470. Captain Watson on CBC Radio About the Panama Canal Expansion Plans
  471. The Canadian Department of Fishy Business
  472. Guest Commentary - Rafe Mair on the Government and the Environment
  473. Guest Commentary by Ben Zuckerman - Does the World Really Need More Babies?
  474. Crikey, We’ll Miss You Mate! Sea Shepherd Salutes the Crocodile Hunter
  475. Captain Paul Watson Responds to the Labradorian
  476. Dolphins Dumb? Scientist is Dumber
  477. Rafe Mair Comments on Alexandra Morton's Legal Victory Over B.C. Salmon Farmers
  478. Clayoquot Sound Condemned to Bleed
  479. The Plastic Sea
  480. Norwegian Whalers are Wimps or Liars
  481. Captain Paul Watson Responds to Japanese Senior Consul General Makoto Hinei
  482. The Truth about “Traditional” Japanese Whaling
  483. Whaling in Mongolia
  484. St. Kitts Declaration is an Insight into Human Ecological Insanity
  485. Saving Leviathan
  486. Captain Paul Watson Responds to Canadian Writer Joan Forsey
  487. Japanese Research Whaling Finally Reveals Exciting Discovery
  488. Greenpeace Refuses to Help Pro-Whale Nations
  489. Captain Watson Speaks to the Nation on Population and Immigration
  490. Guest Commentary by Mike Roselle - Wind Growers and The Rainbow Warriors
  491. Seal Products May Threaten Human Health by Debbie MacKenzie
  492. Groups With Money NOW Have Their Chance to Save the Whales
  493. Saluting John Muir’s Anti-Hunting Philosophy
  494. Loving Nature with a Gun
  495. Paul Watson Challenges John Crosbie on the Seal Slaughter
  496. Canada Regresses to the Dark Ages
  497. Making Burros Fly – Remembering Cleveland Amory
  498. The Seven Deadly Sins of the Sealers – The Seven Heavenly Virtues of Seal Defenders
  499. The Truth about Sealord, Nissui, Earth Island, and the Whales
  500. A Message to My Potential Friends and Allies at Greenpeace
  501. The Ecology of Sealing by Debbie MacKenzie
  502. Captain Watson Corrects Attorney Averill Baker’s Knowledge of Sealing
  503. Brigitte Bardot - Open Letter to Canadians
  504. Saving Seals for the Money
  505. We Ignore the Reports at Our Own Peril and Fiddle as the Earth Burns
  506. Message to Greenpeace from Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
  507. Pride and Prejudice from the New Poster Boy for the Sealers
  508. Repercussions from the Knight, the Lady, and Danny Boy’s Seal Debate
  509. Sir Paul McCartney Takes on the Doofus Department and Wins
  510. Seal Hunt Supporters Worry Beatle Star Power Will Have Impact
  511. What say you Greenpeace? – Quit or stay the course
  512. Fear and Loathing in Cape Town - From Fighting Whalers in Antarctica to Fighting Bureaucrats in South Africa
  513. Finding the Whalers With the “Help” of Greenpeace
  514. Whale Slaughter Turns Surreal as Japanese Whaler Twists Logic into Absurdity
  515. The Liability of Being Effective
  516. Homopechephobia - Politics, Corporate Welfare, and the World Crisis in the Fisheries
  517. An Open Letter to Environment Minister Ian Campbell
  518. Reflections on 2005 and 2006 – A Year of Living Dangerously
  519. Green Peace and Sea Shepherd – United to Oppose Illegal Whaling
  520. The Opening Shots of a 17-Year War to Save the Whales
  521. Sea Shepherd Requests the Australian Navy to Keep the Peace in Antarctica
  522. Captain Paul Watson Reports from South Africa
  523. Thermageddon, the New Atlantis, and the Disenchanted Isles
  524. Canadian Odyssey – Report on the Canadian Speaking Tour
  525. Playing Trivial Pursuit with the Canadian Petticrats
  526. The “Fair and Balanced” Sierra Summit
  527. Vancouver Chefs Stand Up to Defend the Fish
  528. World Wildlife Fund Validates Sea Shepherd Efforts
  529. Watson Vs. Moore in the San Francisco Examiner and the Denver Post
  530. Guest Commentary by Newfoundlander Joe Walsh of the St. John's Telegram
  531. More and Dumber People - Hot and Hotter Planet
  532. You Can’t Harvest Crabs Like Apples
  533. Rejecting the Cultural Justification for Slaughter
  534. Polluting the English Language to Justify Slaughter
  535. The Cassandra Principle and the Demise of the Cod
  536. Canada’s Global Reputation is Fading Fast Amidst Scandal, Environmental Destruction, and Cruelty
  537. Disney Cruelly Cuts the Fins Off Sharks for Money
  538. One Day on the Water With Bob Hunter
  539. The Man Who Put the Green In Greenpeace
  540. The Orwellian World of the Canadian Seal Hunt
  541. Scapegoats of the Deep
  542. Response to Kelly Toughill of the Toronto Star
  543. To Hell With Butterflies, We Need Room for More People in California
  544. Captain Watson's Reply to a Newfoundlander
  545. Earthforce - Commentary on the Tsunami
  546. Who's Doing What to Protect Dolphins in Japan
  547. BBC to Air Wishy-Washy PC Piece on Taiji
  548. The American Jurist Defends the Sea Shepherd Approach
  549. The La Jolla Seal Issue and the Law
  550. Kami Kaze Comes to the Aid of Japan’s Dolphins
  551. Paradox of Ecotourism
  552. Japanese on the Take for Tuna in Tuvalu
  553. Leaving Luna Alone
  554. Heroes and Hypocrites - Sea Shepherd Responds to Cetacean Society International
  555. Nova Scotia Grey Seal Hunt, 2004 (How, exactly, To Kill An Ocean)
  556. The Goliaths of Doom
  557. This Parched Earth
  558. Global Warming Called Growing Threat to Species
  559. The Influence of Sea Shepherd on the Great American Novel
  560. Joe, What You Say Just Ain't So
  561. The Ten Most Dangerous Places for Marine Mammals in the World And What Sea Shepherd is Doing to Make These Places Safer
  562. Shepherd and Sailors, Pirates and Prophets
  563. Report on the Status of World Fisheries
  564. Human Population Expansion = Oceanic Dead Zones
  565. North Sea Faces Collapse of its Ecosystem
  566. In Defense of Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard By Captain Paul Watson
  567. How many more whales will Iceland need to kill to discover what we already know they eat?
  568. Sea Shepherd to Return to the Cod Wars
  569. The Strategy of Recognizing Our Enemies or Why We Enjoy Being the Most Despised and Reviled Conservation Organization in the World.
  570. Veteran Newfoundland Journalist Begins to See the Light
  571. Fishing Industry Defender Goes on the Defensive
  572. 10 Questions and Answers on the 2010 Winter Olympics Boycott to stop the Canadian Seal Hunt
  573. Clownfish Calamity: Murky Water on the Showbiz Reef
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